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To mention an affront to logic. The riot culminated in a rock style. Kick line of drag queens facing off against the riott cops now. This one is true. The stonewall uprising lasted for days with the violence giving way to more organized protests including unbelievably a kick line. No there was not a kick line at stone. There are many clients stonewall. And i'll be glad to give you the lyrics. We are the girls we wear a hair in curls. We don't wear underwear to show our pubic care. John to the tune of how duty theme. It's howdy doody time you're right. It is so what are we left with what was thrown and who threw it and does it really matter not really. The conflicting accounts from witnesses dismissive media coverage and fifty years of articles. Books and documentaries have led to significant. Lgbtq infighting over ownership of the rebellion different factions. Want it to be someone like them. A butch lesbian a drag queen trans woman a gay man. A person of color. Someone who has their same adjectives. Stonewall has become in the words of preeminent v. v q historian susan stryker an arena in which different identity groups go at each other often vehemently making historical claims that are ultimately objectively unverifiable to wage contemporary struggles and this squabbling obscures the fundamental importance of stonewall. And that's where we run out of ideas at least for today the stonewall rebellion or riot or uprising. Whatever you call. It was crucial precisely because we can't say it was one lone person fighting back against the police violence. The real lesson to take away. Is that a racially diverse. Group of st queens drag kings gay men and more rose up against the stanic persecution unlike earlier riots. Movements stonewall gained world historical significance because it was the first time a diverse group of lgbtq people fought back together. thanks to our guest quote. Readerswe david from papa peachy rupert hughes tyler donors th ruined heroes and being this person thandi from.

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