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Yeah and see. I'm someone who. I can chew a piece of gum for a long time. And not. Really get tired chewing. Even if the flavor goes but like with bazooka like y-y-you notice the change when it goes from just okay to to terrible so that was too bad lesson learn. Well like the shelf life of bazooka. A certain point. It's it's essentially just going to be almost like a fucking slug you know you'll be able to shoot at small animals. Yeah maybe hang onto it so you control. Yeah i mean. I have plenty of it. We go amunitions in short supply these days. Yeah yeah other than that. Not too much to mention really yet. She's been kind of a hectic week. Pollen anything else for you we got. We got some stuff to talk about for sure. Yeah i mean. I'll just let users now or listeners. Know that i'm that. I'm working on a script and once once henry's sort of looked at the treatment and i've got some inscriptions donal i'll tell y'all more about it. Yeah yeah. I'm excited to read it and finally now a school being done i have afternoons free. So yeah you have have real time again. Exactly yeah my head is somewhat clear you know so. Yeah yeah i'll let you know about that so cool well. Should we get into falcon. Absolutely are yeah. Let's get into our review of the falcon and the winter soldier which is on disney plus now and we do have a clip. So take a listen. Well i don't trust red.

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