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United states not only denounce the north american free trade agreement but actually threatened to withdraw from all right like many of you i was surprised when set win than senator obama said that and i was equally surprised when then senator clinton endorsed this being in the two thousand eight campaign in the primaries in the debate and cleveland moderated by tim rosser yes it was that presidential candidate that proposed withdraw from nafta within six months if the mexicans and canadians didn't agree to comprehensively renegotiate the treaty now i think many thought that was empty rhetoric and in fact it was um although uh to his credit president obama in office sought to make some improvements in nafta in the course of the trans pacific partnership agreement but still it underlines the fact that the political expedia of attacking free trade agreements predates the trump administration by time it's interesting study the politics of trade the pew charitable trust doesn't enormous amount of polling on these issues they found some some fairly interesting results in a poll last year one is that sixty seven percent of of self identified democratic voters believed that free trade agreements make america stronger interestingly thirty six percent of republican voters endorse free trade agreements as making the united states stronger the politics are are are confounding here because it's an article faith in washington dc certainly inside the beltway the freetrade agreements will not pass the united states congress unless they gain the support of every single republican member in a small handful of democratic members of congress willing to support for free trade agreements yet each of those parties is out of step with their own political base in fact the only major political figure who is in step with their political base president trump among self identified trump voters 27 percent believed that free trade agreements are good for america the president trump not only is speaking with in four his political base but he's actually in greater synergy greater greater harmony with the american public as well if of all the issues that have generated controversy among the stablishment have a political in in in foreign policy leaders freetrade may be one of the biggest and yet it's the one where president really does reflect to a significant degree the sentiment of the country i was asked in the course of this aspen project that we did the summer and you'll see it a chapter in the.

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