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He's they are getting nervous and shutting all very British accent. Jack a super hot possibly homosexual. And if not at least has tasted addict guy in his late twenty s if British people were white this would be mad racist. Oh, yeah. Right. Ginger spice pinching, Jack's bum. If you wanna be my lover, you're with my friends, Jack looks at the folks around ginger, hopefully, and he do. Jack notices sporty spice flat chested and wearing pants doing a high kick in the background. Ooh. Who's that? One posh Bice, very posh approaches. That's Melanie c she stopped in her period of while ago because she works out too much. I mean, I just want you to know you nailed it. Defend it. Alexa, show take the one reference. I get damn jackets loss looking at sporty spice. When suddenly there is a small commotion jaxkar Curry's over his run is kind of gay, but not super guy, Jack yelling. But like louder than is necessary for the space. What happened? Let's get. Okay. Okay. I got a little run a characters here. Yeah. This is Kate kisses Kate Winslet. Yeah. Push by his he'll spike through the deck. And now we have a lake. Princess, diana. You know, her walks over concerned. I'm worried ship doors. It seems. Ellen John over. Here's Princess, Diana and says euro KYW boats are much safer mode of transportation for you trust my recording. With Tom Cal tomorrow. Feels like we're mocking him a day early killing. Jack reaches in his bag and pulls out an old tiny dildo. He Janet in the whole now stuff is getting gayer. Kate Winslet looks aroused. And also like someone who has been married a lot way should fuck. Jack looks visibly repulsed. I have a better idea change vices. The Jaguars cut to interior Jack's cabin Titanic evening. This is the painting scene. It's the only other seen. I know from the film besides the pretend flying one, and obviously the one where everyone drowns Kate Winslet. Lays naked on a shea Sloan as Jack sits behind an easel and paints her. This is romantic painting may Jack paint me. Like, one of your French goes from sounded Scottish there for a second. For the love of God. Please stop talking. Kate. Winslet looks hurt. I'm sorry. It's just I'm an artist. I'm on this boat. I feel crammed I need. I didn't silence. The travel to my own world in my mind is so Kay. I'm used to get in yelled at I've been married a lot. That's why I'm on this boat alone. I'm looking forward ventures alone time and Cox. I don't know of Cox. We we. It's really wanted to avoid going deep into my soul is. We see Jack's canvas for the first time. Now, it is mostly Kate Winslet, but she has a huge cop instead of China. Kind of like an old timey Bailey j I understand Jack may I see your cock Jesus Christ Kate Catholic just enjoy this cruise for like a secular trying to cheat on your hose. I'm just a straight adult male own cruise alone who loves it. Women puts on glee. Suddenly there is a loud thud and another commotion heard from the deck. This time it seems bigger and wetter Caitlin. Kate Winslet throws on a robe and she and Jack run to the deck. The camera follows there is water everywhere. Like a lot of water from the sky from the sides everywhere except from the whole where the dildo is James. Chimney. Sweep is frantically using a broom to get water off the boats. Pardon me, pardon me. Mary Poppins is scooping water off the deck with her umbrella sugar on it. Gordon Ramsay is using kitchen. Pots to get water off the deck. He's yelling a lot of angry British words, like bullocks and crikey Bullock. The Spice Girls are singing pop rendition of sit down you're rocking, the boat from the musical guys and dolls all of us that was a reference to how the vanden stop playing. Thanks history. All of a sudden, we see that Jack is now in women's clothing. Yelling Jack yelling once again too loudly for the amount of space. He needs to cover with his voice women are children on the lifeboats. Jack begins to lower himself into a lifeboat Elton, John notices, not so fast. I know a cock when I smell it. But, but I've always felt a woman on the inside society doesn't understand. And won't for a long time. Probably not until it Olympic athlete teaches us..

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