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Mojo lie i have right now and winners of the throwback throwdown are going to win tickets to go to one of the big throwback concerts that are coming to town we will set job with those also we will uh set up the remaining two people the the runners up with our prizes from our friends at adam tickets were gonna end up giving them a whole bunch of tickets to go see movies are coming out this weekend so here's what you've got you've got tickets possibly to go see new kids on the block with boys to man and paula abdul or tickets to go to the i love the '90s tour tlc bismarck you all for one color me bad and cnc music factory this is your chance right now it's mojo in the morning player in a saga oh yes the bills then please the pain showing the letter in the brain the thought of as long what does god lock brennan the don talbot over and you'll be are gonna come up donald water jon heyman what are gone bad and was there though modern gone on on us on the in prison don yes the pace liam payne showed he then you'll let liam payne laugh in a way you're what epishin big dope dr with morning doha we don't take turn up the meal fake cherish free happened one two.

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