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On air with doug janet victoria tired solve the sad news about simon sheldon barnes for those of you who don't know and that's probably most of you he was the actor behind tinky winky on teletubbies you remember those of you your that would have been in the late 90s in that area he played tinky winky he was found the purple teletubby if he did yeah right he was frozen found frozen to death on a liverpool street died of hypothermia one wonders what happened under the circumstances the police has made the alcohol think alcohol was involved yeah maybe get passed out in any froze by for those of you who are fans of barney the purple dinosaur that's on while they have a separate is he ever on sesame street bernie her senior away by ambulance turf war between bartlett hack really okay so david joyner on who was barney about the same time that this fellow was tinky winky has admitted that he either ran or still runs a tantric sex business you would this is rewarding my child this is exactly a crazy david joyner played barney and barneys in his passpart apparently the tantric sex businesses not a lotta people shocked when they found out about this if uh do i have to explain tantric sex probably not something i the which alongside that to the sting story earlier idaho man okay so anyway i'm not going to explain what it's all about but maybe that's who taught stink maybe barney was guru his teacher grow by he this person as the character bonnie help shape so many children and their attitude doer things.

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