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So we decide to stay here for a while. Let's see how everybody react to it. The paradise ridge chamber of commerce is trying to help these businesses. Stay afloat. They're maintaining a list of those that have reopened and wear as many have relocated following the fire for NPR news. I'm Sonia Hudson in paradise. This is NPR. The death toll from yesterday's gas explosion at a bakery in Paris has risen to four. Rescuers found another victim in the rebel today. Nine people remain injured in critical condition. French prosecutors are calling the blast accidental. The Southern African Development community is calling for a government of national unity in Democratic Republic of Congo. It comes as Congo's presidential runner up Martin fire. You Lou demands a recount and says the ruling party is deployed armed soldiers around his headquarters, the BBC's Andrew Harding reports. This is a highly significant intervention by the Diaz sees neighbors at a time when the disputed results of the presidential election, a still being contested in the courts, the president of Zambia at galanga cited the strong objections to the provisional election results and said he and other regional leaders felt the best way food was negotiated political settlement and a government of national unity. Sonics intervention will be welcomed by some as a wise proposal to avoid further. Bloodshed, but others will see it as another week and dangerous compromise that undermines African democracy and emboldens grants. The BBC's. Andrew Harding pro football history is being made today. The first woman officiate an NFL playoff game has the New England Patriots face the Los Angeles chargers. Sarah Thomas is the only full time female referee in the league. She's also the first woman to officiate a major college football game. I'm Barbara Klein NPR news. Support for NPR comes from NPR stations..

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