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Well, general William bar did not show up to testify front of the House Judiciary committee today, causing some ripples through Washington DC, including Jerry, Nadler, the chair of that committee suggesting that he was going to hold the attorney general in contempt. Nancy Pelosi's accused of William Barr of lying to congress last month. When he told Charlie Christie had no reason to believe that Bob Muller had problems with the four page letter that that bar wrote about Muller's report, even though there was a letter that came out and turns out he did have some issues with what was going on. So we'll talk more about that. Coming up in swan hill looks like that's synagogue that was targeted by that shooter over the weekend. Had tried to get a federal grant to protect the foyer where he was able to get in and start firing the grant was approved in September. But only awarded in late March. And that shooting, of course, happened in April. Apple does this thing every every few months, it seems they do a a new product launch or a new conference of some kind at developer's conference or whatever and you get up there. And the tech company has the big flashy graphics and the new things and here's the new watch. And this is a new ipad and the things in this. Well, Facebook has followed that model in to a certain extent, they kicked off their F eight twenty nineteen event this week Tuesday night talking about various new features for the social networks for the chat apps. This was Mark Zuckerberg talking about the new design for F B five much cleaner. Look and feel for the it puts your private groups right at the center of experience, and it's it's a much lighter design overall the opposite even blue anymore. We were also did you hear that the laugh? Go back and see if this is what is the opposite even blue anymore. Who? Oh, what animal laughs like that borough? A rodent a rodent. Here's the other thing. Hundreds of of details. A rather than just a few major changes. He's a grown man, right? Man. That's a guy. Who played a lot of video said of disease when there's time to do something about it. That is what what our work Elizabeth homes. You're damn right. It's Elizabeth Holmes from theranos. Yes. We we want to be the vehicle for real time access to health teacher. And we want to be the. The issues of these two together IV you ever seen them together. He's a do gooder. He donates money all over the world to charities and where does she get money steals money from people for fake project as she bay steal money. He steals your information. Yeah. Here's the thing. Facebook's trying to get into the dating game. They did not that you don't go to face who raise your hand. If you go to Facebook to hook up with someone. I mean, Facebook has evolved into your mom's posts and babies. That's basically what Facebook is right. Like who's going to Facebook to troll for sex or dates, well Facebook dating the actual service is only available in a few markets right now. But this Facebook dating service has a feature called secret crush, which allows you to match your Facebook friends with somebody that you think would be great you be you play the matchmaker for them. And it turns out that I don't need to hear that ever. It's very creepy. I mean, if Mark Zuckerberg on the one hand is talking about how everything is going to be private future is private. That's a that's a strong words from a guy who has been making literally billions of dollars off of selling information about people if you're crush has opted into Facebook dating. They will get a notification saying that someone has a crush on them lowered at if you're crush ads you to their secret crush lists band. It's a matchy matchy, absolutely. If your crutch crotch crush isn't on dating doesn't create a secret crush list or doesn't put you on their list. The no one will know that you've actually entered your friends your friends, then bright. Well, you know, who is going to know, Mark Zuckerberg who's gonna know. They're going to sell all that information. Or listen. This is I I don't believe that Facebook is trying to market blackmail. But if that information ever got out that you are going to Facebook to find the next date to find the next, Mr. Shannon, ferren, don't you think that's going to be an issue? Well, I mean, they then like it's embarrassing someone's gonna hold someone's got to Email you and by the way, I know that you picked mister blankety blank. Christ seems to be out in the open more than like, the dating apps are right. I just feel like I don't really feel like there's any privacy on Facebook. No. And here's the thing. I agree with you. If you sign up, remember what you're talking about you signed up for a service where you get to share things, and then you turn around and complain about the privacy. Now, I do think that Facebook has a responsibility to take care of your information. But at the same time, what did you expect? Yeah. What did you expect you expect when you signed up, and it says, hey, you can post your pictures? You could tell the world what your favorite movie is. You could tell everybody where you live, and where you work, and where you lived, and where you work, and how many people you are in relationships with and are you in a relationship do you identify as one gender too much information? And they invite you to do it. You can't then click on every little thing, enter all your information. And then and then scream, but I wanted my privacy. I wonder if max is on Facebook. Max who max from the food truck? Oh, I've already wiped him out of my mind why because I was thinking about Jimmy and cha-cha in summer they have replaced the V triad in my mind just wrote to us. She says, hey, my current husband found me on Facebook Facebook messenger to contact me. Friends of friends. I have a quest. I have questions. Now, you can't just say that Jill without giving a full description for her. Well, first of all is he a friend of a friend was like friends, you might know or people you might know somebody tell us more you gotta get a stranger because some people have strangers on their Facebook page stalker. Did he hang out your side your window and go? Breathe on the window and like dry little heart with his finger in the condensation possibly. Okay. Coming up next. What is next? Well. Do in output round up. We call it the waste management does. Okay. Yes. Tough it. I'm seriously having visceral reactions to that. And it's not good. Just imagine just imagine. If that was if if Mark Zuckerberg had a Joe, Biden problem, okay? Came up behind you. If your hair. Yeah. That's what all right waste management. When we come back. Chris little has an update on the news. 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