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That's how I would feel. Being removed from the game. And maybe not having the full out player mindset anymore. It makes sense. If you think about it If Jack goes and has a procedure, okay? And it doesn't work and he chooses it. The team will not be obligated to pay him the team will not be beyond You know what I'm saying? Like that's that's on the player. It's because if they don't give their consent, yes, like half the team of Jack decides I want this and the team says Okay, go do it. Then There's no rep aggression. But if the team doesn't give their consent and say, no, we don't want you to do it and he comes back and says I did it anyway. And it goes bad and it goes wrong. There's a sure mess ready to happen, and it's not just the payments. It's lost revenue lost opportunity There is a that's a pretty sick extreme scenario. I remember back, you know, And this was like, 20 years ago that I had I had broken my my my wrist in a fight in preseason. Okay. This is one week before we started our season, so I had broken the loon. Eight phone, which is the bone. That's just right where you bend your wrist, Okay? And I had cracked that. So, you know. Could have had surgery where I would have been out, you know, probably a couple months. Or I could basically play play with it like a player's cast and get through the season, but we had We hadn't even played a game yet. So I had let elected with the team. You go through the season and play with it A Zilong as I could. Well, I heard I heard the wrist almost every game every second game every third game. I heard it. But I just kept on playing through it by the end of the year. Not only that I had that broken bone in my my risk the loo Nate. Had Tauron all the ligaments that hold it all together. So when I went at the end of the year to discuss with the doctors about the procedure they wanted obviously do the surgery. Um, but I, as you know, as a player, my agent and I, we went and got a second opinion. Now, this second opinion now the guy that the resurgent and Montreal Was very good, okay, but we wanted to get a second opinion. We went to Duke University. To one of them. He was the number one wrist surgeon. In the United States. Well, he told me after looking at the Emory that I had a disease in the bone called keen box disease. So now I'm thinking to myself. Holy jumping. This is this is super serious. This could end my career, So I went and got a third. Recommendation and went to a guy in Baltimore who is like the number two resurgent in the United States, and he basically said no, You don't have teamed up box disease. Let me discuss with the doctor muncher all let me discuss with the doctor at Duke University and we'll come up with a plan and they came up with a plan. And I went back too much real and I had my surgery and I was able to finish my career and everything was was was was good. But again like this next communication between everybody that they all felt and understood exactly what the course of action was, But the decision was made by ultimately was made by the team, right. The team gave you the green light. This is what we're giving you the green light for and for me right now. And I have zero information as to what the injury is What the surgery one would be surgery two would beat Rehab would be I have no idea, but I can tell you does that in my experience when Jack got hurt on March 7th And now this morning, we're March 11 May 11 were over two months later, and they're still some disconnect to use Jack's words. This has to be a major major decision that needs to be made because usually it's like, okay, well, this is the course of action. There's option a option B, but they're really close. Let's go right. The biggest thing I've seen in a difference of opinion was with sports hernia. We're in Canada. They would so a mash in your sports hernia, and that was it and you would come back in the US they would roll up the tissue right there, and they would stitch it it to cover the hole. And that was it. So I've seen where players are like. I like the one in Canada better and the teams like okay, well, we'll send you to Canada. That another player says I want to do the one in the U. S. Because they're different procedures. Okay, do the one the U. S like it wasn't debt big of a difference, right? It was very similar. But you had your option now for me. This must be a major decision moving forward because we're still here right now. And when we hear from Kevin Adams and And the organization most likely tomorrow. We may learn a few things. Maybe they are going to be able to tell us a little bit more. But as of now, two months later, I'm thinking this has got to be a pretty big decision that we're still here and still having that disconnect between team and player at this moment. Instigators w g R 5 50 msg at Craig Reveille 52 at the instigators and that, Marty, we're on 43. If you want to tweet us, you can call us a tow three or 5 58 85 52 5 50. I'll ask you the same question I sent out on Twitter and I got some great reaction yesterday. A lot of responses. What are your thoughts after seeing the Jack Eichel Media Zoom press conference yesterday. We're here for if you want to call You think he's back next year? Do you bring him back? You know we're talking about the injury and the scenario right now as former players, obviously with what we learned yesterday, and I just want to go back to a point Actually clarify one thing Do we know for sure? I thought I heard, but I don't know And I want to just clarify the sabers have approved surgery or they haven't approve surgery. So, Daryn draggers tweet and I'm gonna go back and look at our techs chain. So Darrin Draeger's tweet was basically this. I'm sorry if I've a month ago, Eichel was committed to an early May surgery. Late April, Saber sources stated. All the docks involved we're still working through the process, and no decisions had been made. A difference in medical opinion is unusual. But normally there's an amicable resolution so a month ago They were probably thinking surgery. That's why Elliott Friedman and Darren Dragger reported surgery is needed. Where did I get the thought of rehab? Where did I get the thought that the sabers were in favor of trying toe heel? The neck injury through rehab first? I wouldn't say there. I thought I heard that somewhere I could have. I, uh, I've never done Granada one time saying that Jack was doing rehab and it was a careful rehab that we didn't know if he was going to be available for at any moment during the season, so maybe rehab was put out there..

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