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And Kelly vanguard Keith Ranieri, the the head of Nexium that the cult like group. Was charged with running a sex slave ring. Among other things has lost a second attempt to be freed. He's not going anywhere. Yeah. Anybody surprised? But now they keep trying to get him out of jail. And it's no one's going to bite on that. Because he's a flight risk absolutely unlimited. He's got the backing of the Seagram's Arison the founded in Mexico. Let's not forget he was already on the run. Oh, he was just doing their routine business in Mexico in a place where I couldn't find. Yeah. Sure. His attorney say not only that. But also that you know, he he has no money, and it's all the organizations money. He's got no resources that's complete BS because there's also been a fund set up by Clare Bronfman Seagram's eras as a defence fund for all of the people who've been arrested, and she has very deep pockets. So he does have has deep pockets he has resources this fund is also not just from Claire boffin. But also from anonymous benefactors, so there are a lot of people with the pockets, and so they're trying to determine whether. That is a conflict. I would say, yeah, I would because if you if you allow this fund lifting anonymous money to pay for your defense, then are you obligated to use the defense attorneys who might steer you into certain direction, saying certain things to keep in line with the next in a company line or whatever. Or are you going from your own pocket pay for your attorney and try to save yourself? And there was also a report unconfirmed earlier maybe about a week ago that Bronfman province people may have been approaching potential witnesses. Maybe suggesting what they may wanna testify to nothing firm. You know, that'd be obviously witnessed hamper. But then also raises an issue. I also laugh at one part of the London many reasons this was rejected this bond request. The judge goes that Rene submits that if he fled he wouldn't run away here because if he fled he'll risk losing the love and respect of his friends in in particular, the love and respect of his shorties lose money. He posted for bail. So does he does he really enjoyed the love and respect of many people these days. I don't think. So I mean, there are still a handful of loyalists there. And I think that their days are numbered. Do they've already season desisted by. Although I heard that there are still trying to offer classes in the executive successful arena. This is aside from the sex. I don't know what's going on with that. There are members all over the world. And a lot of them have vast resources it just very shady kind of situation to other quick items legally related Michael avenue. Stormy Daniels attorneys, eighty speaking of shady just made me laugh, he he he got his butt handed to them in a divorce settlement he'll have to pay his ex wife more than ninety of more than one point nine million dollars in retroactive child and spousal support. He's losing his Ferrari. And and he's going to also has other other debts that he has to pay. So he's hurting. And maybe that's why he took on another weird client. He's got stormy Daniels. And now he's he'll do anything for publicity. He's representing the woman who climbed the statue of liberty. Remember that? Yeah, why she was protesting immigration Trump immigration policy. And so yeah, so she's on July fourth. I'm surprised. This woman is only charged with misdemeanors that they forced their shutdown liberty island, they evacuated liberty island and she endangered the lives of the guys went to rescue her. Right. And that's now just but avenues now championing her cause. And by the way, he's not running for president twenty. There's a shock shutting.

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