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Of the top telescopes around the world including the world class kitt peak national observatory in Tucson Arizona and the monarchy observatories in Hilo Hawaii where we've also visited joining us now is Manasa along with viewing tips across the U. S. for the upcoming Perseus meteor showers on August twelfth and thirteen this upcoming week woman also thanks for being a part of our world trouble with merry me this weekend thank you for having me absolutely looking forward to this so Manasseh first explain to all of us what the Perseid shower is and then is it an astronomical event that any of us can potentially viewed no matter our location in the U. S. or the world for that matter since a lot of our listeners may be traveling hopefully still listening to the show but it's a big vacation week so what is it and can we all do it that are a meteor shower medir are shooting stars sometimes called falling stars flashes of light that are caused by particles entering our atmosphere at high speed and these particles are small about the size of the piece that they're traveling really fast about a hundred thousand miles per hour and the particles originate from Connor and the kind of the rocky kind of five ten five pieces the rocky material that are eating from the hell of the contact and as the in orbit passes through a comet orbit at the same time each year we kind of TV's meteor shower okay so can we all see it in the US I so.

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