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It's been a disappointment as far. I mean Matt Carpenter Tyler Neil Dylan Carlson Lane Thomas. They're all hidden under two hundred They haven't put it together at all. So is the offense good enough to meet up with this rotation and ultimately get this team to the playoffs. They do have a five game set coming up with Milwaukee in September a couple of. doubleheaders a single game. Those are makeup games and Certainly go a long way enter division only into who will make the postseason but I know it's going to be tough with all the doubleheaders that's going on but the cardinals don't play another series against the team. That's above five hundred after the twins games this week coming up here they got the Tigers, red spruce pirates, royals, brewers. So the schedule certainly favors the Saint Louis Cardinals and that's where the conversation and becomes the four five matchup because of. The San. Diego padres are pretty much entrenched in that fourth slot. So it comes down to the second in the NFL second in the NFL central who has that better record and who will match up with the padres in the first round as opposed to being that. You know that six seed going against that third division winner that's potentially the cubs or the brave sell pick your poison there whether it's the padres, cubs or braves but it certainly a matchup game that will be interesting to see as we continue to move down the stretch. After the cardinals here next up on the list of potential playoff percentages, the San Francisco giants fascinating there at sixty seven, point, three percent obviously Mike you stransky has been one of the best players he's pushed Fernando devotees junior and mookie betts when it comes to war and as well as MVP conversation. Let's see here Brandon Bell has three thirty seven for them. Donovan Solano was it three, fifty three. So those three guys at the top of the lineup have been over achieving in really carrying this team because the bullpen has not been great I mean closer trevor got and fellow reliever Tyler Rogers combined two and five with a seven, four four t are A. Couple of starters have struggled forum. Johnny Cueto Kevin, Guzman Trevor, K. Hill. They gotta continue to push and get things rolling their big series down the stretch comes in the middle of September here over the next couple of days against the San Diego padres they also finished with three games against the Padre. So six against the padres over the next couple of days and the next couple of weeks could go a long way in determining their standing because it does look like la one San Diego to. So the best would be ls third slot and you're looking at that wildcard seed of number seven or number eight and a match up against the top team in the national. League following the giants here we have the Miami Marlins they currently own a forty five percent chance to make the postseason. They are nineteen in eighteen as if time of recording the Atlanta braves are hammering the Marlins, they've scored twenty five runs right now at the point here were rat and today's show so they'll be nineteen in nineteen, but at five hundred, they're right in the conversation for that eight spot in the playoffs and would be the eighth playoff team if the playoffs started today and they're led by their starting pitching three nine four Uehara rookie starter Sixto Sanchez as well as Trevor Rogers have been super impressive they've combined for a two to five era through seven starts. Will they be able to keep it going I think. So six does one of the most impressive prospects that has come up major league baseball in a long long time. I mean, he was an Phillies farm system guy traded him for jt real Mutoko I was a huge Sixto Sanchez. I went to go watch him pitch and Lakewood in high a ball I was looking forward to go watch and impeach and AA reading Pennsylvania and then they ship him out ultimately to get jt the best catchers or the best catcher in baseball right now so I don't regret the move for them, but it is certainly frustrating watching pitching Ninja and watching highlights. Of six though Sanchez just making major league hitters look foolish at such a young age and throw one hundred miles an hour. But he's GONNA be tough to deal with over the next decade for anybody in Major, League baseball and he's certainly impressive from the right side. Offensively, the marlins aren't very good. They don't hit much their twenty third in runs per game. Let's see. Corey. dickerson is six home runs but he's hitting just three thirty two they did add starling Martin aged who should help the offense and should help the outfield positions. Of course they're big series is that saved one with the Philadelphia Phillies we spoke about and they're they're fun to watch I mean I've had a great time watching Miami play watching Sixto Sanchez throw watching a lot of these guys you know try to make a move here it's been fun to watch. So after my Miami, next up is Milwaukee they currently let's see. Here have a forty three percent chance to make the post season they find themselves at nineteen and twenty two. Their bullpen is their strengthened as the thirteenth best era in the majors, but the sixth win probability added. So they've been great when Games are close and have given up runs when things have been much more apart. But their offense is just I mean, it's not good. They're hitting two twenty, one none of their eight appear none of their eight regulars hitting over to fifty as of Tuesday. So you would just think. I mean. Christian. Yelich. She sit in two thirteen. Yeah. He's got nine home runs but the guys in MVP last year the year before, and now he's sitting in two thirteen. So it's been a struggle for them down the stretch so that five game series with St Louis Looms Large of course but certainly there on the outside looking in in Milwaukee next step we got the New York mets they currently have a thirty percent chance to make the postseason they are. Let's see twenty and twenty four Jacob degrom obviously remains the best pitcher in baseball he's got a One six nine era but they've only won three of his eight starts this year. They haven't been able to parlay that effectiveness on the mound into the win column and that's frustrating for mets fans because that's really the only game. You can put you know count on a w in the five days because outside of the ground, the rest of the rotation is six and twelve with a six, six, four era. So you've got the best pitcher in baseball and then nobody else helping them out, and that's where it starts and stops with the mets. Starting rotation of course, they got series with phillies coming up series with the MARLINS coming up but they've struggled against both of those teams year to date, and unless they turn things around and unless that starting pitching starts to be more effective, they're looking at finishing under five hundred and being home come playoff time, and now the last two teams are three teams here. That are absolutely huge long shots but we'll talk about and briefly the Colorado Rockies at twenty and twenty two they only have twenty five percent chance of making the playoffs just due to the scheduled down the stretch. Of course, they're going to be facing off against the dodgers but also the giants they're going to need. To beat up on those other teams in the division, the giants in the diamondbacks specifically through the stretch here. So the rockies are nine and nineteen cents, an eleven and three start we knew they started hot, but ultimately were unable to continue that moving forward and they're heading away from chorus field is a corporate because they're hitting just two twenty, three on the road. So it's it's worse than normal. They had to thirty away from chorus field last year this year it's all the way down to two twenty three, which is going to put their odds at just about twenty five percent. Next step we got the Cincinnati Reds my breakout team in the national, League didn't get the memo this summer. There are at a twenty percents to make the postseason at eighteen and twenty four, of course, Trevor Bauer at the top of the rotation some of the other guys up there sunny gray have been effective Jesse winkler in the ball offensively but just the rest of the offense they they can't get it going I mean the reds are twenty ninth and runs per game they are their second and walk rate but..

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