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Gonna go away. You're listening to ABC news. News radio time 40 to covert 19 crowd concerns and forced the closure of Big Soda Lake and Bear Creek Reservoir. The city of Lakewood, posting on its Facebook page that it's been unable to comply with Jeff Go public health regulations at those two sides due to a high volume of visitors. So They've shut down water activities until they can find a way to keep those areas in compliance. Federal officials will investigate the crash of a small helicopter in rifle today. The two men on board crawled out of the wreckage before the chopper burst into flames, which started a small brushfire. The men were taken to the hospital for treatment of undisclosed injuries. The crash happened near the campus of Colorado Mountain College in rifle As covert 19 cases increase in Denver Mayor Michael Hand COX sending a message about wearing masks to reduce the spread of the virus face coverings are required in Denver. The mayor says he's concerned about an increase in the percentage of people testing positive. Last time I updated you on our co bit impacts. Our positivity rate was around 3%. And today our lease as of July 3rd, we set at 4.5%. That is not good. We're going in the wrong direction with regards to our positivity raped. The mayor warns that if the trend continues, the city might have to re institute measured the measures that is that could devastate the economy. The Aspen man attacked by a bear is telling his story. The anonymous 54 year old says he woke up early Friday morning to sounds in the kitchen of the home, He peered around the corner to find himself face to face with the bear, which swiped his head with its paw. The man ran behind a table and screamed as loud as he could. The bear opened the door and ran off. It had opened a different door to enter the house. The man needed surgery for wounds to his cheek, Jaw, ear and back. Next update at 4 30 David Ko KO a news radio 8:50 a.m. and 94 1 FM. The biggest problem we have in the Metro area right now is that action is still cleaning up in Commerce City has been working for some time. Eastbound lanes of 2 70 as you approach Quebec. I just saw another ambulance roll in there. A few minutes ago I 70 in Peoria. They took that accident from the eastbound lanes of I 70 down onto the south bound lanes of furious so that's off the highway. The rest of the metro area freeways in pretty good shape. Overall, we do have an accident in the high country Eastbound I 70 near Baker Ville. Also a lot of folks made a getaway for the mountains. Westbound I 70 lanes are loaded up still from the top of Floyd Hill through Idaho Springs. Then you're heavy again at Georgetown. This report sponsored by Napa auto parts with thousands of locally owned Napa stores across the nation. Chances are wherever you call home. They do, too. So whether you stop by your local Napa auto parts store a Napa auto care center or visit Napa Online, you can count on Napa. Know how Fox 31 pinpoint whether 94 for the high Today it's 89 now, Dave.

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