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Yeah i mean now a mini get crucified for saying there there's a lot of people i think like i don't like i made a conscious i stop calling things gay like going like a you cars gay rights owned because i heard tug last say how that made him fia he's and then i wanted to do it i was like oh cool that's one person who got their feelings hurt that's not a reason to change society that believes in the the pluralism of america drew is it that we have to learn how to tolerate other people that's what america is yes and and and unifying around certain principles and concepts that most people don't even know what they are that's the problem we haven't taught people what the with the idea of this country wise is an idea of thought the concept it was a con a and it's a it's the only country on earth there was found in around a concept and that concept has been a unifying property of all these people from all these different countries cultures come together and living in a productive unified haller it hasn't overlaying perfect junk so that is so ripe for a sketch of a bunch of of luca lake liberals in their kids to preschool punch of people in the bottom of a boat coming to america go and so what do you think this place will be ingo why hope like i hoped it either freedom there and like yeah that's we're all looking for in the mont guys like i hope you can you can also that like be churches state will i don't think so book in his freedom you get your opinion guys like what and like they're all expressing the idea of what this country will be i'm i'm not pitching the sketch well but like i like the idea that.

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