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In the quarterfinal she could potentially pay face the number two seed on shepherd, who sounded the last sign of the draw, she broke against tomorrow's the Dončić, then gets risk or another pet ranking player market on Joseph, and then kaia kanepi, big hitter, can not be seated, finally, at number 31, after years of being unseated in looming, another various check teenager, hashtag various cha teenagers, Linda for vertebra, sister of Brenda, Linda being I believe 17. 17 year old that is in the section as well, a lot of wild cards and stuff in there. I think it's a good section for a shipper. I kind of like to match up with Kenneth for her, I think she can unnerve that kind of power, and it's probably kind of meant if she probably doesn't mind. Can I make quarterfinals there last year though? And then hadad Maya and lyudmila Samsung are the seeds. Elsewhere, and that's actually the draw also with a couple names recognizable, like Sloane Stephens and Donna fetch in that section of the draw. Chabert played in Adelaide in the first week of the season, did not take a Tunisian team to the united capital. She could have. Yeah. Way it works. She could have played. But she chose not to. I lost a notch about who was the surprise qualifier. Another hashtag various check teenager made the final there, a surprising breakout run, it's not in this main draw to ranking roast too late, and when Venus pulled out, there was a great chance I thought to give her the wild card but I believe it went to Kimberly barrel. I believe got their placement wild card. In this section, I think. Yeah, it's a barrel about it. Kind of missed opportunity, I think, but whatever. Yeah, shipper is made the last two slam finals. It can she make it three in a row. And maybe even go even further. What do you think? I think she's going to be the second one is interesting to me. I think that's been playing. She obviously have surgery last year and so I went to show republic for the Great Britain versus chat republic in the car. And contrary to what was unbelievable. She took the street destroyed rather Ghani, which obviously other people have done, but she just played, she was so good and I was so excited to watch her for the rest of the place, even and then she got injured and didn't play. But she's at the end of last season, she won a hundred K, she started to get into rhythm again and she started strongly this year and made cool finals in Adelaide and lost her sabal Ankara. I believe, and yeah, she's playing very well. So I think although I think that could be a tough outing for jibber and also with a variety of someone who could actually make triple overthink and make maybe as often happens with the bird, she can sometimes fall into doing too much in terms of using her variety to many drop shots, et cetera, in several relying on also her voice tracking abilities. To see that much up, obviously, funnily enough, I feel like when keneth becomes a seed, it drains her all her powers. When she's when she's unseated, watch out, but her being that she will still take out any top player that comes across her, but as a seeded player, it sort of often not the case. I think it's a good draw for jabber and she's had a few draws recently particularly at Wimbledon I think when that opened that opened up for her and she took advantage and made the final and she's, as with diversity is always clear and honest and open and loud about her ambitions, which I really like and we know her ambitions, she's here to win a slam and she wants to she's the one number two. She wants to ask her she won't take us possible and reach number one. I remember she actually going on, we need to be quicker but it's okay at some point last season she said that she wants to be number one and that got so much like almost criticism and people couldn't believe that she would dare to say that because she was like double the amount of points or whatever. But if you're at number two and you're not trying to be number one, where do you want to do it? Why are you here? Right. And on the rankings has no points to defend from Australia last year. She didn't play last year due to injury. Associations and make up some ground there and shante is defending a lot of points coming up in the first half of the season, you know? So there's no reason why you should burst and think about closing the gap. My overall assuming out Finnish at the women here before we get to the men will try to do them quicker. I think this fool me one shame on me, et cetera, but I think I'd be very surprised and it's not a top little bit conservative here. Not a top ten seed winning this tournament. I agree with you. I think, which I don't usually say for women's slams. Like you just don't, that's not how it's been lately. But I think for the most part, the best players do match the rankings for now, and we have a little bit of data from the beginning of the year to tour back that up. And I'm not as confident, I think I don't think I picked it up like over the field, which I think is the fair question. Based on her dominant last season. And I think I might take the field over a shot that just based on some of the united cup shaking this, but I wouldn't be surprised by her either. And she did it when the U.S. open when they were not high hopes were her there, you know, her complaints about the balls and whatnot we can remember. I hope the storylines we have consolidate in this tournament in the season get some continuity. It'd be nice to have. Would be nice. Let's go to the men's draw. The administrator is anchored by a Spaniard on top which we expected. We did not expect it to be Rafael Nadal. Carlos alcaraz pulled out of the Australian open with a hamstring injury. It's a big disappointment. It is the third time in the last 5 slams. The number one ranked player is not in the men's draw. Just kind of wild. It doesn't play a first round match. The show, which was in the draw, then got withdrawn when he got deported. But that was banned from Britain and couldn't play Wimbledon. Now Alcatraz out here.

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