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Ed asner and i don't know why and bad it's bad bad bad. Maybe because ed asner looks like frosty. That's why he's played by ed. Asner sure that isn't there like maybe. It's not frosty. But isn't there like one of those christmas specials it's like a summertime frosties beach adventure. Something no sense. I think you're thinking. Oh no are you. Thinking of summer. Rental with john lewis. Okay i what i want to say. The word atlanta's not what. I'm thinking. So i don't want to okay. I don't want to besmirch because that's the one thing they made one in like nine hundred ninety eight and there's one call frosty returns proc- frosty returns. Yeah but they have. There's a bunch. There's like frosty and rudolph's adventure. Whatever it's called but there's a there's a. They came up with a lot of these. That went way off of what the original original specials were. And they're just they're not good. They're just not good because they're trying to push these stories way past. Anybody wanted him to be so but anyway this is not about race specials. This is about frosty. The snowman witch gene autry introduced much like rudolph on his melody. Ranch radio show on october seventh of nineteen fifty and this version which has its own forty five. Single has some small changes to the lyrics. Not it has nothing to do with the fairytale or not. It's just really tiny lyrics. I think because it was probably live. But when i was writing the lyrics to this writing out the lyrics to this it was very strange because i kept on listening to this one thousand nine hundred fifty version only to realize that there are two different one thousand nine hundred fifty s versions of the song by gene autry where it so. He debuted this october. Seventeenth nineteen fifty. Yes and i mean everybody every year says oh my god. They start putting christmas stuff earlier every year. In one thousand nine hundred fifty in nineteen nine hundred fifty was october seventh so but i will say this what he says in this recording not in the recording but in the audio from that show is i know. It's a little early for the.

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