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I know what you're saying. I feel the same. I feel that tank. Danny those names will sell out in atlantic city because they close to philly but is the money the same as the ticket prices. the same. well. I'll tell you what what i happen to know. Is you know it might be a small nothing but just the business of it. The whole heart rock. Ag whatever company. That's the same people that own vegas. They also been doing before the whole shutdown. They was doing a lot of nice venue joints at the house of blues for like big name artists. You know what i'm saying. So what i'm thinking is again. It's all tied to the same promotional company. I'm thinking that somehow they would find a way to make it. Where even if they only said for the war. I don't know what the capacity for the boardwalk is but said it say yeah. We're doing twelve thousand for the boardwalk. They were priced tickets to where that gate was enough to You know You know sweeten the pot the network would be the key. I think they got that sewn up. The venue will be key. You know what. I mean as far as something that has a history a ac boxing history man. What though because remember when you going casino now to not a promoters looking for the casino to dome a check where yo- you we want you to come to your show over here because you're going to bring patrons casino and i think that atlantic city is primed for that atlantic atlantic city is prime remember. It used to be the trump plaza that used to do it right now. And that's why promoters you if you floyd and you elevate do you take a chance on a c. When you already got like black excellence popping off in atlanta like tag bringing out superstars television stars actors rappers like is the crowd gonna follow him. Is atlanta gonna come to a see. That's how you got to look at it. Would atlanta come to ac. I'm not saying they won't. It looks like that sort of crowd with all that money. They might wanna be at a casino and gamble a little bit. They might wanna see a casino show. Maybe maybe there's a performer performing in atlantic city. The way that vegas does it. But are you going to get that money from atlanta to come to atlantic city or is that atlantic city market going replace that atlanta market. I think you can draw a summit at market. But i think what's going to happen is you're going to get to the regional cultural market. You're going to get the puerto ricans and philly com and you're going to get new york coming if they anybody that will go to the mohegan sun. we'll go to atlantic city. That's number one of the mohegan can get nine ten thousand four draw a connecticut. I'm thinking atlantic city geographically presents. A better for dc to come out for baltimore. Come the old dmv area to come out. You know what. I'm saying god. Virginia can come out and with all that money they might not drop the landfills but i think they can get from atlanta to atlantic city and then have the identification. But that's the thing right like the the phrases atlanta likes to party so atlanta likes to party in atlanta is atlanta going say oh that kid we adapted tank. We adopted him but he's fighting in. Ac let's go support him now. That's all you got access of. And i think that's what an and her floyd i'm ahead to that accent. I'm answer that we live. Would we see me. And you hotel generation. This is the airbnb generation tanks going atlanta atlanta and turn up in excusing tangoing atlantic city. Let's go turn up atlantic city. I think his fan base does follow him. I would love it. I would love to listen. I'm not any closer to atlantic city are used to be obviously but you know people glorified gennady lufkin facility in two regions when he was able to sell madison square garden in la. You know he was considered the man because of that he was considered the man and people demanded more. That can nullify. Because he was a commercial draw in two different regions coast without without having to be american so tank can establish because i think he a fight already lille right or was that also in atlanta not add to be l. a. Something let me look up his his leo fight but i think tanks been in a few markets man you know from vegas to atlanta and others. I believe which i'm gonna to get for ya now. Looks like state farm arena. He fought in san antonio with leo. He fought in the state farm again with gumbo and burials Carson california who go dea. So he's been fighting in. La west coast right did again with sake and in the t mobile arena in las vegas. He also fought in the united kingdom. He also fought in brooklyn barclay center for his first world title with jose pedraza. You know He fought in florida right here at the hard rock casino. He fought in the armory. You know He fought in vegas at the palms casino. He fought in orlando how he was finding orlando shot him. He came to florida again in vegas atlantic city and that was a long time ago. So why not. Why not do it. Against and i'd do it again. This is the beginning. Atlantic city pittsburgh ba- luxy Little creek casino in shelton fox was man chug it s connecticut more washington bethlen. That's p. a. baltimore ss area washington again Yeah man and that's about it. That's the very beginning. So he's only fought in. Ac wants man. It'll be the homecoming the back. The welcome back and fight and ac at the claridge hotel since he was one thirty two and it was two thousand fifteen. That's some time he's busy. He's been doing big venues this saying like after that he fought in in vegas. And you know he's fought a lot in vegas man and then you k- he's headline i. I don't know man hopefully. Hopefully they could. Hopefully they could. I mean look. It's a market. I think philadelphia is like atlanta but. I don't know that it's like that. Like like with the with the lamb bows and shit like they got way more actors in atlanta. Didn't philly when my wrong about that. Now man. I think big about like this man like philly detroit nor buffalo does those cities where fighters come from. Those are not necessarily the best been used to have a world championship. Fight you coming up. And he's fighters they need that kind of small market second city venue yet as cool. I think you look at atlantic city even though its losses cachet it. It's a resort town. You know what i'm saying. It has casino just like seminole florida. It's one of these places even in mississippi they got these places where they got a casino they got a ring they got some action there but historically atlantic city has just been there mass i think is just.

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