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Coyote dens says police chief, Anthony mantha just because we did eliminate one threat of a Coyote does not mean that they're still not threat in this park and around the peace road animal control expert Carol Tyler says in the. Spring Coyote search for food for their babies in people. Don't help this nation by feeding the squirrels, and small animals that Coyote prey on. So if you've been feeding wildlife that normally would have had one or two babies. Now, they're having six and seven and that causes a environmental imbalance that the, the animal in the environment, can't handle, and forces some to seek out food in the wrong places in Fairfield, New Jersey, Marla diamond WCBS, NewsRadio, eight eighty mayor de Blasio wants to ban commercial helicopter flights over Manhattan. Here's WCBS reporter rich lamb mayor de Blasio, declares. We need a full on ban on any helicopters going over Manhattan. The mayor added there should be exceptions for emergency responders uniform services and news helicopters. But. For any kind of civilian traffic. It should not go over Manhattan in any way, shape, or form on his WNYC broadcast. The mayor added what we found out from this tragedy. Pilot. And you know. What happened to him? And, and my heart goes out to his family, but he had the right under current federal rules. Take off, regardless of the weather. He was supposed to apparently check in with the LaGuardia tower for authorisation, but the fact that helicopter pilot can do anything they want. There's no true oversight. There's no sanction. There's no force -ment. The most populated place in the whole country. And makes no sense. Mayor said the.

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