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What? That story is on the way stick around. All right, welcome back to the podcast. Let's get into the 72 season then. I mean, it wouldn't even get you to the summer break these days, 12 races. And half as many as we're heading to the heading towards next year. And his record was 5 wins and three podiums, which was enough in 72 to completely dominate. These days, it wouldn't, but coming off the back of what Verstappen has just done. But that was in 72. That was a proper domination of a season. Until he won, because he didn't score anything after Italy. You say domination, but I mean, obviously Stuart did win four times. Of course, yeah, of course. Having missed one race and as I say, I think Ben ill for at least one possibly two. There were 16 points between them at a time and I think it was 9 points for a win. So yeah, I mean, we're not talking domination Max Verstappen in 2020. To clinch it in a 12 race season with two rounds to go, you know, is pretty good. I mean, early on in the season, MO and Jackie kind of the base had a reasonable start in terms of pace. Stuart won the first race in Argentina in my retirement was second in South Africa and then one in Spain. So it was a fairly even stop. But then there's that middle campaign. Monaco, Emma gets a third place behind the Jean Pierre bales masterclass, but bell scholars are never going to be a champion contender. So that's a bonus. Obviously, am I then won the Belgium will probably win to do it wasn't there. Stuart won the French cornbread. I think one of the best races of the season and I'd like to put it to ammo that this arguably was a better drive than his race in my life. I think he picks that for other reasons. But the British Grand Prix, which is a three way fight between Stuart and Fittipaldi. The three drives of the year. And it's proper flat out chasing each other for the entire length of the race. A little bit of overtaken as well, I think. At MO comes out on top and to beat that company, that's a proper when you've got to deliver you deliver, which for a guy is only in his second full season of F one and against the guys already double world champion. I think that's for me, that's his standout standout race of the season. Can you explain back in the 70s what dropped points were and why it wasn't as simple as going to a race the first 6 races of the year scoring your points and going away with that's what you've got. How did the point system work back then? Confusingly and ridiculously. And they changed it as well. From year to year they did different things sometimes it was ridiculous. So for that particular season, the best 5 results from your first 6 races counted. And then the best 5 results from the second half of the season counted. Now, quite often, that means you wouldn't actually drop points because in those days, you'd probably have a retirement in either half of the season. But it did mean that if you had, let's say you had four, four wins a second and a third in the first half of the season. Your third wouldn't count for anything. So those four points wouldn't, as it would have been then four points wouldn't count. And your two hearts of the season are added together. Brilliant. Now they've got even more complicated in the late 70s and early 80s before they went. Do you know what should we just count all the race? Count the points. Which I think was sanity really, but actually, if you look at the 72 championship point, I don't think anyone dropped any points. Wow. Is that drop points is only changed the outcome of the title twice. Here's a fun little fact. Right. 1964, Graham hill would won the world championship rather than John cities if they weren't drop points. So he would have won by one as their loss by one and more controversially perhaps 1988. The Senate prostitute Prost score more points than Senna but lost on the dropped scores rule well, there we go. Twice. Before we get to Italy, let's just talk through the season any races that you want to pick out or highlight. You mentioned Silverstone already anything else or should we just get to the decider? Yeah, I think I think the one that stands out to me as I say is the British Grand Prix really. So I'm happy. Well, I like to all that Monaco 72, but that's just a classic. Which I'll talk about all the time. So we should probably, yeah, let's talk about, let's talk about Monza. And let's talk about how they were getting there. Now, in the race of my life, interview that we did. He said, I couldn't believe it. Here I was going to the championship decider and the truck crashes on the freeway. 60 miles before Milano. And then myself and Peter wore drove on. We saw spare parts on the grass everywhere the Italians were trying to grab them as souvenirs. The team were just trying to stop them. I looked at that scene and I couldn't believe this was my car. A few days before, I was going to decide my world championship. So a heck of a story before you even get there, and I think before the race he had a fuel leak as well. It was like just like the omens weren't looking good, you know. I think that's probably why I picked it as the race of his life. I think for me raised my life is because I can be that removed from it and I try and be less emotional. Which is stupid because it's like kind of enthusiast. We love it all. But I try and be right. What was your best drive? Is kind of what I mean. And that's why I put picked out his brands hatch win the British Grand Prix. But I think from an emotional perspective, it's a short crash to fuel link on the grid. The coal isn't working in practice. For hours very quick. Home of Homer for I to Fauci, you know, you're pretty unpopular if you're not driving a Ferrari normally. And everything was against him. So to then not only clinch the championship, but to win the race as well, become the youngest world champion. I think his dad was commentating on it as well. He was for Brazilian radio. Yeah, which is really cool. Imagine having your dad commentated you win the world championship. That's pretty amazing. So you can kind of see why he's picked. I mean, there's a race. It wasn't particularly remarkable, it was the next best behind the fryer. You chased the fries the fries broke he won. So if you were doing a top ten list of Emerson Fittipaldi's rides, which of course I am. Quick plug for a future. I don't know why not get it done, but I'd like to speak to him about it actually, but that's a work in progress. But it wouldn't be my number one choice for him, which makes that a bit presumptuous, but I mean purely from the driving point of view, but there's a holistic look at the story of this ridiculous weekend from road crash with the truck to fuel leak to championship victories, a remarkable remarkable story. And tell us a little more about how that race went because he was going into it knowing that it was the possibility he'd break the record youngest world champion. How did the head of the Grand Prix pan out? You mentioned a little bit already, but yeah, it was a site. It was one of those weekends where the Ferrari season was quite an odd one. Which year am I talking about listening? It could be almost any. But yes, obviously, they're usually those days for our usual really good engine, either V12 or in this case, a flat 12, which now mons, of course, these are the first year of chicanes. So because 71 had been that incredible streaming Peter gethin faster. I think even F one is sentenced to me. Oh, that's a bit quick, isn't it? A 150 miles an hour average. So I always put some chicanes in, which costs everyone hated. As they still do. Yes. So yeah, it wasn't a great practice.

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