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The streets to denounce alleged election fraud and to support opposition presidential candidate salvador nassrallah all you're protesting here to call on the electoral tribunal to fulfillment the people have decided the vote of the people for a president that the people come home ready chosen they election pence us backed president orlando hernandez against nassrallah head of the alliance against the dictatorship a coalition party that supported by former leftist president manuel lazaro salaya who was ousted in a us backed coup in two thousand nine hernandez was widely expected to win the november twenty six election despite growing concerns about his consolidation of power in the militarization of honduras but in a surprise upset early election results showed nassrallah leading hernandez by five points the electoral commission which is controlled by the incumbent president hernandez then it's inexplicably stop publishing a lecture results for a day and a half by the end of the week the commission resume publishing election results and claimed hernandez had taken the lead on friday hernandez this government suspended constitutional rights and imposed a military curfew at least three people have been killed in recent days as honduran security forces have opened fire against protestors among the victims nineteen year old kimberly fall secca who was shot in the head as soldiers opened fire against a blockade erected by protestors in the capital tegucigalpa friday night under mounting pressure the commission has agreed to hold a partial recount of the vote which in us rawla has rejected as being too limited instead at the protest sunday nassrallah called on the low level members of the military to rebel against the generals and stop enforcing the curfew and the crackdown against protestors the woman in this moment i'm not calling on the generals of the armed forces or the colonel's of the armed forces because they've already failed the people today the third of december of two thousand seventeen i'm calling on the peace of the armed forces to rebel against your bosses for more we're joined by three gaspart we're going to start with minnesota congress member keith ellison keith ellison you recently were in honduras this.

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