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Joan Baez with the title track to silent running. We're asking our guests that emergency movie and that's Andrew's choice which will come onto later Carolina. You've chosen something called faces places. What is this? Well, yeah. First of all, I didn't choose faces place. First of all chose the white bus by Lindsay Anderson, but it's actually impossible to get hold of hard to get it from Australia. Bring me to another thing anyway. I chose vices places as a bit of a sort of lazy choice because I just saw on Sunday. I didn't see in cinema. I did that brilliant thing that really excites me when you can watch it a home when it's still playing in the cinema, which still makes you think so good. Because when you get out, he actually watch stuff with the kids. It's brilliant anyway, so faces places is an Oxford film. I love Agnes fodder. And this time in collaboration with JR a photographer artist, brilliant artist who she connects with and they travel around the French countryside together, meeting local residents and the produce. These absolutely drive around in a sort of a van which is a bit camera on both sides. I mean, the an image of big camera on on both sides, and then they stop it somewhere and they will get a local person to come sit down, have the photograph taken. There's a giant printer in there and outside of it's like a sort of sort of giant instant camera images. KOMO I, when I saw he was explaining it as driving along with us know it's a joke. It's really funny is laughing. Imagine if that happened, and then he starts to happen before your eyes and you realize that is actually what they're doing. But it's just really touching very, very useful. The people they visit and the things you find out about the stories of the people on the way, and then on the buildings or on their places of work, they sort of construct these absolutely John sort of twenty four images of these people that are turning them into these. You know, I Kana images that will stay there and just seeing people's reaction to that and an how they communicate with the the sort of subjects that is just really very, very touching. It's very quite as science. We bitter sweet ending. She spends the whole, I'm not going to obviously ruin it, but she does spend the whole time trying to get JR to take glasses off. And you do think jail. Why are you wearing glasses? And this is a real. The shows how nice JR is because. Is he? Why are you wearing sunglasses all the way through come rain, shine indoors, outdoors. It's really quite irritated. JR is t one or something. Actually, you love him so much. He's such a great, lovely person, but he just doesn't want to show his eyes and she tries to get to the bottom of that. And she managed to do that by the end. But through a very subtle moment where they go visit, John got out, but I'm going to have to leave that with okay to just the most beautiful film. Where does this fit into films from Agnes beaches? If I can ac- recommended to me, we'll have just one is much very French cinema, or we talking. It's very unique, Agnes cinema thing that she does every time she's a Bowie inner self. Yes, she's about sorry. She never went stadium. She's just. Got this as she gets older, it's just fascinating to see her. How she should've of almost goes back into her in interest over very innocent is almost the older she gets the more stripped down in the subject matters all the more important they are, the more sort of they condense into things that really mattering to her things like friendship and communication, and really very sort of peaceful ideas. And yet she creates these kind of beautiful beautiful films images and, and this is a real collaboration because all JR's work is, you know, it's on the side of. Holy containers on huge big. You know. Massive buildings on all sorts of things. It's trying to get these images all over the country through sort of posting them on trains and planes. And God knows what I'm what's his history who is JR to be honest, I should..

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