Israel, Meese, Virginia discussed on Mark Levin


You'll word donald from bitten through and worthy israel responsible for bore warmed very low on mojo years was far it will for here you've got a leader of the most powerful nation in the world we are the birth and carragher and the world and it's hard to believe there he couldn't get the facts grade about who would or where are we or or poor old of our barrel lyric when it happened let me a little secret when i was chief staff to attorney general meese we didn't have the intel on what was going on and local communities and so forth the vast majority of law enforcement activity that takes place in this country is local with state authority the feds rarely get involved in this stuff but let me ask you a question sir the governor of virginia has been criticised by some i didn't see any national guard they're trying to keep the peace did you i thought he brought out the national guard i've watched all these films i'm quite honest and serious but i didn't see the national guard where was the national guard load a police report bit mayor herbert grubmayr pro auro experiment how good burg the pulley back in program the stand there why the hell they got bet they'll put back to an ira view you know uh go along with that i agree with you would back however about being from bentley do i know you know where he could have done a leader upton could at forty eight hours gravity big make good core berry may but what about the pill that you didn't do right for he'd never cook was far brody for the situation with the ladies delay developing very fair i gone far afield here let me ask you this trump responsible for what took place in charlottesville melo are cookout on let's just have a discussion about this with trump in charge of the police or the state police or the national guard there no for hold on now had the hell with local police state police in the national guard you watch what i watched you and i weren't there there was may have there was there was ride there is beating the crap out of each other how does that go on and on and on and on and we don't see law enforcement we don't see the military i didn't see him break in this stuff up corral on.

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