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Columbine hill systems. Yeah so Are assisted living facilities. Have three of those are under the guidance of the colorado department of public health and environment though their regulations allow vaccinated family members and vaccinated residents and staff. Don't have to wear masks so we're mask free. Which is i'll tell you the first few days. Everyone's like this feels weird. Are you sure we should do this. Felt like the first time. I went into a restaurant without wearing a mask. It's like breaking the law by pocket. I can pop it out if i need to carry one with me. It's never know right and are independent. living the same. You know no math. 'cause they were kinda pushing for it they fall under what happens with lamoure county. You know. they're not licensed by the state and then our nursing homes are actually have a federal license as well so they must follow. Cms so at this point families can come can visit But they do still have to wear a mask and staffers wearing bath. So you know. And i think that's okay We really liked that. It's been opening in stages think of it as a sunrise instead of just turning the lakeside. You you change one thing at a time to be shirt safe and then go to the next opening in the next opening. So we're still wearing masks. That are nursing homes The staff at visitors but And if you're unvaccinated you have to schedule your visit. If you are vaccinated you come when you want and check in we scan you make sure you don't have a temperature and off you go and spend time with your loved ones so totally different than that. Those guidance just came out on memorial day. So pretty new stuff for us. And i can't help but think that it is really lifted so many spirits throw off your system community. Yep absolutely just like you see in public but more so you know you've been kinda trapped in your room. Imagine that right if somebody go to your bedroom for four hundred fifty days like i don't think so right. You know your meals be everything so the dining rooms are open and we can have entertainers the big darn deal. We we weren't able to have paid entertainers or any kind of entertainment. Come in to our facilities and so Hearing banjo music and hearing singing and residents clapping and enjoying that. And sometimes when you spend so much time in your room you get used to your room and so hearing the music getting people out again and and Socializing and seeing each other and it has been it's really uplifting maybe with a little initial trepidation as we were talking about. When it came to ditching the mass. But that's so good to hear that they're getting out and enjoying life which basically the that's the bottom line at columbine health systems. I was going to ask you. What makes it different well. That's a really good question. And i'm totally biased. I've been here almost thirty one years and a few weeks. I'll be thirty one years here at i think it's our local ownership. You know we have one owner and we are very committed to the community and where not across multiple states where just right here in northern colorado and our employees around from northern colorado. And we have people been here like me a long time and we're very committed to this population and doing the best that we can every day and Some days we meet the mark and other days. You work a little bit harder but every day. We're working as hard as we can to to take care of seniors and their families in our staff and you encourage your seniors. Your residents to continue to to the best of their ability to live life to their fullest to relish those golden years. And for some. Well it's a little bit more difficult than for others but you are there to keep their spirits. High third goal absolutely you bond myers health systems director. Columbine health systems. Where can we learn more about columbine health systems. Yeah if you wanna go to our website. Columbine health dot com easy enough. Thanks to keep up the great work. Look forward to catching up with you and your colleagues again in the not too distant future. Thank you so much have a great day and you as well stay cool. Yvonne myers health system director columbine health systems closing in on eight forty eight now. Thirteen ten. kfi what's happening in your own backyard. Listen to noko now with tanner's swint a northern colorado's voice thirteen ten kfi k. If you miss any portion a mornings with gail go thirteen ten k. k. a. dot com to download the podcast..

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