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Bloomberg business for Bloomberg world headquarters Charlotte held up Tuesday here with the Dow the NASDAQ making up some of yesterday's declined. Folks. Trunk thick I'll Corp Bunka ringing that closing bell stocks rebounding from the worst round four months as President Trump moved to reassure markets that he will clinch a trade deal with China, but US stocks did finish well off their session highs. The Dow up two hundred eleven points at the close that to gain of eight tenths of one percent of the best level today. The Dow had been up three hundred sixty three points up one point four percent P ending the session with a gain of twenty two points up eight tenths of one percent again best love of the day. The S and P have been up forty points higher by one and a half percent. So tech takes the helm is the S and P rallies. Nasdaq up today by eighty seven points, a gain of one point one percent utilities, by the way, the only sector down on another. Otherwise update the tenured on three thirty seconds. The old two point four one percent. Gold down two tenths of one percent. Twelve ninety seven the ounce. West Texas intermediate crude oil up one point one percent, sixty one seventy two barrel as for US markets in the interest rate backdrop Henley Smith is senior relationship manager at stone castle cash management, and he was our guest moments ago right here on Bloomberg BusinessWeek. I don't think you have to fight the fed here that they are building the case for an easing later on this year. I think if you look at the numbers, the sediment is well over seventy percent that the next move will be an EAS by the Federal Reserve, but I follow some other fed presidents and other governors, and I think they're keeping the case, you know, keeping their options open at this point and update for both lift and Uber Uber picking.

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