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Someone's going to send me a picture of me in like twenty time chinstrap. I'm going to be like at where's this? Even from the chinstrap connected to the dry angle. What. I know I was doing a lot of Cape ins, but man, I don't remember this at all is wild time for the McMahon. I was thinking about it yesterday. It's been eleven years since I, I checked in the college and that's way to miss too many years been even longer for me. So. There's that. Yeah, but we're talking about me, here's I care about that. It is just wild. Like one of my one of my friends who I talked to like four times a year from college, he was like, yeah, just got just proposed my lady last like last couple of weeks. I was like Jesus Christ man with a wild sentenced to read. Like literally just today again, that I worked with the very first like post college job I ever had in his wife is that they're like second son, like literally today shut out to them because she told me she was like, he makes me listen to you in the car. I was like a ringing endorsement. That kids going to grow up, right? Yeah. Both of them out to offer them. Yeah. Suspect, dinner table, like towns, isn't that nice? What do we want to play the. I don't know four hours that she's like, we talk about our day for once. He's like, you're talking over the MC hammer thought. Did you know he was worth one point? Five. Did you did you. Well, then. Damn asparagus. Baby just hang Heddon shame..

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