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I pitch you one question by breaking into multiple parts. Oh man. So two of us so that gives us both an opportunity to go ahead. Yeah, look, I think I'm going to probably say someone here that Meredith will often refer to and we'll see whether she adds to someone else to the mix. But I think an industry leading restaurant right now is chipotle. And one of the reasons why I put them out there is a because they are operation in the back of house is set up to really optimize the operation for the food development part of it. But the rise of the chipotle is something that we often talk about because it's an ability where they're encouraging their guests to say you have to use our first party ordering platform, first of all. But when you do that, you can then drive through this lane and we will know it's you because of geofence and the like and we will be able to just pass over the bag into your car as soon as you arrive. That seamless level that frictionless level experience is amazing. So that clearly is a differentiator, not just to the smaller establishments, but many other larger establishments out there. So what can the smaller establishments do? Well, they should certainly think about first party frictionless ordering. How many steps does it take to order versus a marketplace? And secondly, how do you make that pick up experience as seamless as possible as well? Even the location of your pickup area. If you haven't got a pickup shelf at the front of your restaurant, area where your drivers know to come and collect the orders from. Find the ways to make those types of experiences easier because that will differentiate you for most.

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