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Speaking. Hi, how Torsten Barron was the head Olympic badminton referee who got that. Call. And I also heard these spectators Puzo I went to watch. It looks pretty awful. This was not right. To get up and told them that they were not playing seriously, and they were making a very serious mistake and they played stupid. Now, we playing trying welfare Grenada told me also. We were actually able to get in touch with me three of the four players in that match both Korean players as good a pit ongoing. You John king and chemo nine Nita Kim Hannah and also one of the Chinese players. How was she Sally one Shelby? And. And once ya Lee told me they were trying to lose in that match. What do we didn't expect it South Korea would do the same thing has found a whole? And as for the Koreans junk young earned said that they too were trying to lose at least during certain moments in the game. But when the crowd started to do. Cadran and the ref came out her partner, Kim haha said that was surprising embarrassed were just. Scared. We just wanted to get out of the court as soon as possible. Edgy. So Torsten walks off the court they went on court again. And then the second serve after Torsten walks out the court. Nothing but net so for the next few points. It does not get much better. No, it didn't look like world class. Senator. So the set comes to an end career wins the set and while the players are waiting on the sidelines..

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