IRS, Treasury Secretary Wally, President Biden discussed on Morning Edition


A filing extension the IRS had a backlog of tens of millions of returns So what happens this time A Martinez has deputy treasury secretary Wally a demon what to expect It is going to be unfortunately a frustrating tax season What that means for taxpayers is that they need to make sure that they follow online that they take steps to make sure that their returns are prepared because unfortunately due to the pandemic and chronic underfunding of the IRS the IRS has fewer people to answer their phone calls and to deal with taxpayer issues over the last ten years funding of the IRS has decreased dramatically President Biden of course recognizes when he came into office And that's why that for a budget increase for the IRS But until that's passed we're going to have to deal with a frustrating path fun season which is why we're asking the American people to father taxes online and to make sure they have all their paperwork together I know the IRS closed last filing season with 35 million unprocessed returns how likely are we to see a repeat of that kind of backlog So as you know last year there has had a difficult filing season What they've done since that has taken a number of steps to reduce the backlog and they've taken steps this year to try and make sure we don't create a backlog For example Americans who receive stimulus checks from the IRS or child tax version the IRS received letters that have information about the numbers that you put into their tax returns so that their tax returns aren't rejected and they'll make sure that they get a refund What we expect is that if you file your taxes online and the information is correct within 21 days you should get your refund back your taxes should be done which would help us reduce the number of backlogs for the IRS and the inventory that they have going forward So it sounds like going online is key here but as you know deputy secretary that's not an option necessarily available to all Americans So are we looking at a situation where even if even if the funding that the Treasury Department is asking for gets approved is there enough time to catch up in order to prevent another massive delay So I want to be clear that the funding that we're asking for will likely not have an impact on this violence season The things we're doing for this violence season is encouraging people to fall in line But as you've said not everybody has access to file online We're encouraging them then to go to fight a centers which are locally located places for them communities that will allow people to help file But it's important for us to step back and realize that we're in a place where they have as many employees at the IRS today if they had 1970s And they also have a technology infrastructure that was based in the 1960s and 1970s Answering the phone that you mentioned that because it's been an issue last year tens of millions of calls to the IRS for help went unanswered People just simply could not get through and speak to someone anyone for help So what's been done specifically to address that for this year We're going to have more people on the phones this year but I don't want to make it sound as if that's not going to.

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