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Uh when i do think of stephen king and film i think uneven you know like some stephen king films have been really great some of them have been pretty awful where does the stand and that in that kind of continuum kind of in the middle above because what's interesting about this again not seven books not summing up a lot of stuff this this movie runs lean ninety minutes but what that they do with that ninetyminute run time i think is really interesting in that they focus on only a few characters they dumped some important characters from the books in order to focus on the three that i mentioned and the acting performance on all three is really strong the character of jake chambers is played by kid whose name i'm totally blanking on but this is one of his first major pictures and he's got to be i think maybe he's fifteen or sixteen tops and he plays like a twelve year old he's phenomenal in terms of having a lot of plot on his shoulders and making it work and he's joined by egypt's elba who's not overwritten and no i think he could have been really tempting for these guys to pack a lot of backstory and explanations and instead just elba is not forced to do a bunch of talking it out he acts with expressions with nonverbal queues with grunts and it really works um i like that and then matthew mcconaughey hey at first i was really annoyed and even laughed at the cheesiness of him but he plays a very specific type of evil you know he sort of this you don't get quite the explanation of what kind of evil force or devil he is but he's definitely like worse than satan is sort of the sense who get and he praise on people's insecurities as he moves between our earth.

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