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Empty gambling help dot org or one 800 gambler It's 9 18 Traffic and weather on the 8th now let's check back with Jack and the traffic center Montgomery county in Maryland on the outer loop as you leave George have and it looked for the brakes as you head toward Connecticut avenue stay left to get by hopefully a couple left lanes will be getting you by there We're still in good shape between the beltways on 95 and the BW Parkway I 70 we had some earlier trouble getting toward Frederick leaving new market as you head past spring ridge out toward one 44 X at 59 crash was along the right side of the roadway There were a couple issues on two 70 both going northbound the local lanes The ramp to shady grove we'd had reports of Iraq then another wreck reported on the ramp to Montgomery village avenue staying right on the ramp to get by There was a crash on George avenue up near 28 The ICC east found out near 29 Crash cleanup had been along the right side of the roadway and a water main break had been affecting good hope road between rainbow drive and hope field road that puts it north of Briggs chaney Now at a Knoxville Frederick county three 40 east as you head toward 17 Brunswick near Catholic Church road we've got a reported crash with an overturned vehicle I believe your left plane is still blocked west spent on the bay bridge There have been some maintenance going on there just follow those overhead lane control signals in the cameras across the bridge We never did see the work So just be careful Virginia beltway's fine between Alexandria and McLean No late trouble 66 Easter west between Gainesville and roslin were quiet between Springfield and falmouth 95 north and southbound three 95 looks good north of Springfield all the way to the 14th street bridge in Arlington authorities are dealing with the water main break westbound on Washington boulevard after 50 near north Wayne street You could be down to limited lanes there Pretty quiet chip downtown for now continuing D.C. two 95 I two 95 New York avenue the freeway third street tunnel everybody moving well On metro the red line trains no longer single tracking but residual delays in both directions from some earlier fire department activity at friendship heights Jack Taylor WTO pra traffic Storm team fours Mike's tenn Ford What is the melting forecast for today for those of us whose backs are hurting just at the thought of shoveling snow again I'd say about zipper ruining In fact looking.

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