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Guess what maybe you have less takehome pay so what's what's the point they cut back hours they put the on parttime or less time schedules to make up for this and it's because especially in business is primarily food service industry and others where you have the minimum wage kicking in the margins are in fact razorthin you don't have business owners where these big fat cats were running a free french is that's a mcdonald's running a franchise that's a you know wendy's or whatever the case may be and paying their workers more does affect their bottom line and they either have to pass on those cost to consumers which by the way usually people to say well that's fine the consumer won't notice well guess what the consumer that does notice the crease in say the cost of a happy meal tends to be a low wage workers somebody at the lower end of the economic spectrum to begin with so sure a lot of people won't care about the cost pass onto workers when you increase the wages of workers in the actual establishment but you can see see that now you're just making sure that people who have less money to spend our spending more so the people are making more who don't have very much money of a at the workers end of the spectrum so eightyear robbing peter to pay paul i mean it's just it it doesn't work the way they wanted to work but so they they cut back hours they're making less money is the result of this of course there are some places where there will be firings all usually see that's actually where the argument in the past has fallen has fallen by the wayside a little bit people say well see you can increase in minimum wage and workers are don't necessarily lose their jobs so that argument is irrelevant that argument doesn't really matter anymore well sure maybe there not fired but guess what now they work fewer hours and that has a negative impact on their takehome pay which is what the whole purpose of this minimum wage exercise.

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