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Jessica's terrible squid. Take if you'd like to end this on a happy thing is it terrible. Come on jessica yet occupy right there. They can change color they can ship. They can shape shift. They can do a lot of things their literal aliens pablo explained all this guys. And you went squid from like and octopus. What's the difference right like squid. We're okay well there you go. They do that. Can't argue that nick. I've been checkmated. Jessica dan to check me for fifteen minutes. I kept hitting karate chop. What about what about trout. What about james. You did it with the sweden thirty seconds you got you got me so you know that my trout won't be good in the playoffs because you haven't seen an that is dan you are. You are arguing in a like. I would almost say political manner here. Which is twisting my words. That what i'm saying. I am not saying. I know something won't happen. I am saying i don't know that it will i. I'm saying you seem to be certain. Mike trout because he's one of the greatest regular season players we've ever seen that will carry over into the postseason. I'm saying i do not think sports work that way. I would like to see it to know it. I would i bet on him. Being great in the postseason. I would would i as i am. I a certain of it as i am with. Mookie betts of course. Of course not why would i be. I've seen one. You're arguing about the differences though between probabilities and certain tees and i would bet every time on the probabilities of historic greatness being historically great in moments that call for historic greatness. That's what that's how these people get remembered that way nick. You're the guy out here who's aren't always arguing about a. He's always arguing. That lebron is better than jordan. And both of those guys got all of these questions before they proved it to you that they could actually do it. Both of the guys are in the argument of greatest. You've ever seen in that sport. Got the same questions until people saw it and then we always back away from these guys when they do we always questioned the guy and then we can have the outliers. Whether it's chris. Paul or james harden or peyton manning we can have the outliers but the guys who are historically great are the ones who do it with excellence in the playoffs and then they show you. They've done it and they quiet all the critics. Yeah which is why jordan. It's such a shame. He never showed he could do without. Scotty i mean one nine plus my right stugatz without scotty like to see them win. Some without scotty. Yeah but also the guys like why is akeem. Olajuwon unquestionably greater than patrick ewing. Well their regular season numbers not that different. It's because one guy upped his game every bo- sees and one guy tended to get a little bit worse. What made why is dwayne way. One of the twenty five greatest players in league history. You ever want an mvp. Nope was the ever win a scoring data. One i think so. Why is he without a doubt one of the greatest players we've ever seen because of his finals performances particularly that i won like there is there's this is why we talked about as arguably the greatest player ever wasn't as regular season success. Nope you'd like to pursue. Mba's is because when other guys got worse. He got better. That's a real thing in sports. We see it all the time. Look what do you think dan. What did the mark jackson are you. Are you fully confident that he's going to have what is going to be considered a great career. I hear they're nuts. I have a hard time with him. Just in general because that it's a different math the way that he plays the sport like i am in general he confuses me and some of the same ways that been. Ben simmons did last night. I don't understand what it is that i'm watching with lamar jackson. Because i'm i'm watching a hybrid quarterback who's passing accuracy isn't the his passing strength is not what carries him all the time. Right but I is it also true. That sports are a little bit different almost across the board. Maybe except for baseball in the postseason. That not and i'm not talking about pressure i'm talking about how teams defend you schemes. All of it like it's the same thing that we we have seen that. Okay if you can build an entire game plan around stopping this one guy. Can he still kill you. And i think i to me. That stuff's interesting. And i know all the lebron folks on twitter were dying for me. The tweet me all weekend. Oh go after katie. The way people would go after lebron over six and overtime air balled the game winner and the answer to that is obviously the way people went out there. Lebron was illogical. And you shouldn't do that to anybody. But i listen i. I was listening to this morning. And i was like i totally agree with that. I i learned. I knew kevin durant could was unbelievable basketball. One of the greatest scores ever him going into golden state's did not teach me anything. This series me something so to me. That's fascinating. I find amazing after that series. The specifics not only did it. Teach you something but the respect for durant has been so universal and so consensus that the previous guy that you were doing that to jaanus. Everyone ignores that he was kind of great game to like. It's being ignored. That the that the winner in that game that you're questioning about his ability to do that in a game seven that he was also great in that game while playing an absurd number of also telling you katie also one in his own way. that's it. There is a difference. Dan when everyone knows you have to score fifty for the team. They have a chance. Everyone is geared up to try and stop you and you still go out there and you give them fifty. I mean it's a big difference. Wanted can can't fall back on steph. Clay won the mvp the year that everyone was wondering whether or not he could do that or not. Nick do you have anything else. Because i'm actually curious what it is that you thought the historical precedent of what you saw with. Ben simmons i i hate doing choke soft coward and i just thought that you're not going to get any one plant their flag on defending ben simmons today. Because of how weird it was to see someone who's allegedly superstar. You have to take him out of the game. Well yeah light and you guys can look it up. If i don't know when it was there was a game. This season against utah were ben. Simmons scored forty two points. Joel out there. And they ended up losing that game but it was he had forty two points almost a triple double and was dominant now. He is dominant against fraudulent rudy. Gobert there's another guy. Tell your advanced hell. When he had at tom haberstroh until adam. Tell me about what an mvp rudy go bears. That's another story. Let me stay on this Been got in his own head. I think that's pretty clear right. And i do think ben's in a rough spot in that if you took the fifteen best players in the league. The two worst to pair with ben johnson. Beat if you paired him with dame if you pair them with staffed pair them with any brimmer guy really unlock who he is and trey was five for twenty three. A lot of that was been. But i've never seen a guy takes zero shots in the fourth quarter in four straight games. We had antoine walker on the show and he brought up an amazing point. He was like how do you fall in love with basketball without enjoying shooting baskets he was like. That's the that's my favorite thing about the game. He was like how did you all in love. That is such a great name. Though that is such a great name to summon like antoine water. Tanto antoine walker win that he loved shooting lifetime without understanding. Why others don't like to shoot. Yeah but it's i think you i think you have to trade him. I also think that. If you're my pal. Daryl morey. It's a bitter pill..

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