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No among other things provided all davidians began leaving the compound as of ten a m on march 2030 doesn't take the deal nother dividian leaves the compound the following day wednesday march twenty four the fbi calls crush liar and a coward or in a press conference i have to agree with that assessment monday march 29th for nearly two hours david creation famed texas criminal defense attorney dick deguerin meet at the door of the compound speak to more times following day where instill convinced crush would have surrendered had the fbi been more patient i just i just read an interview with him about it from a few weeks ago tuesday april first guerin meets with karesh again this time inside the compound tells crested the fbi have agreed to drop all charges convinces correct walk outside the compound the second david koresh karesh crosses the threshold of the front door fbi sniper shooting twice in the lake and then guerin yells april fool's mother federal oh oh man i just got you good oh man agai you good april fools no dwyer until the fbi the davidians will surrender some time on or before able tenth for the next week there's just a lot of sitting and waiting wednesday able severance karesh refuses to confirm and exit date with negotiator so he is just infuriating to deal with friday april ninth david send a message to the fbi saying that the heavens are calling you to judgment to experts analyze letters for others sent over the next few days and conclude is proud possibly psychotic and has no intention of leaving voluntarily the fbi begins to finalise a plant used teargas now to flush every one out of the compound at for several days of more attempts have fruitless negotiations karesh goes ill gets back onto more bible babbel and refuses to exit the compound until god tells him to do so wednesday april fourteen karesh sends a message to the fbi that he will not surrender until he has a written manuscript explain the seven seals on my guest to europe saying he's not going to surrender an tell you know he is just completely perfectly explained the seven seals several.

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