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Distanced, dying in, carry out give car purchase purchases or shop. They're tremendous selection of wine and beer in the bottle shop. Dilly Bistro, located in the heart of Mary Mon, closed on Sundays. You know, both these teams average a ton of points that number one and two teams in the Big East. But the same time this has been a real defensive struggle. We have 7 54 to go. Favorite trailing by 3 54 51 of Xavier confined there shooting stroke. Somewhere in the last seven minutes here, they could pull this thing out and you know when the same thing to be said for the Great Blue Jays, both teams have struggled from the field. Great with the basketball Dr Henry. Seconds by Bishop. They didn't call it is he did the 3 60 inside, finally shuffled the ball out to the perimeter deep into the corner of three is on the way by ballot. No good rebound taken by Zach Fremantle just under the free throw line. I'll give it to his point guard Paul Scruggs back into the ballgame. Scruggs at the top of the key left side of the four threes on the way it's off the island. I was taken by Johnson, Fremantle. With the rebound left hand hook shot in and out, no good. They will whistle and a foul called and that is going to go against Zach on Bill Ben Stanley's acting like this. I didn't see much of that there. That's a tough, tough break. They're Yeah, they're gonna call Ben Stanley, where offensive rebound will be found Open to rebound. 16 foul The musketeer 7 23 to go 54 51 crate with the basketball. Honey with a basketball at the point picked up by Colby Jones hold the ball on his hip fake to drive Now, if those that left wing Zachariah ski throws it inside, and an alley oop intended for bishop. Was broken up by free mail over without also free mental, Though that little body on Bishop Bishop fell to the ground, and Freeman was called for a foul. Is that his fourth, so Fremantle with four fouls was seven tend to go just about have to keep the ball game. Yeah, Joe, you have to. It's got six points in the game. Only one Xavier player in double figures, and that's Nate stand. That's a Nate Johnson with 10 points. They should free throwing away rims out. No good. So it'll stay a three point lead Carter into the ballgame. Jason Carter now when he's in, he's gotta stay within himself. Don't try to create off the dribble he came in for Stanley are still going was at Freeman. Second free throw on the way from Bishop it. It's good, so it's a four point lead now. 55 51 706 to go great with the late Xavier with the ball O B. Jones the ball on the right side of the floor to the high post card looking down low for free mail Jones on the wind looking again for him. He throws it inside, but it's anticipated taken away by Jefferson Savior.

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