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Stay energized, active alerts healthy and even stronger that is. Impressive on so many levels so much great information there, and I know this asked his Anthony has about a dozen patents to add Lookie here. There's a patent for promoting health never dressing. I fatigued. There's a patent for inhibiting the expression of cytokines in sales and a patent get this on composition for body fat reduction there's one for improving muscle atrophy and older adults Jerry, I allied to be a little bit of a skeptic here. How can this one simple nutrient magically do all of this? How can this asked to FX gives us so many benefits? I mean, really. Yeah. I know. It sounds amazing too. Good to be true. But it really is true. Many of the studies that I'm referencing here. They're available on PubMed. These are reputable clinical studies conducted by leading researchers around the world that really back the benefits of Basque descent. And by the way, muscle output is better with us than to. And this comes from the research published in the international journal sports, nutrition, November two thousand and eleven. This was another study done. With cyclists. They took four milligrams Sebastian Anthon, it was a small study. But very positive showing that cyclist improved their trial time by two minutes in twenty kilometer bike race. I mean that's a meaningful improvement in a race like this. And the researchers said that they also burn fat more efficiently, which makes sense based on this research purity can actually make the claim that asked to promote and improve power output in your muscles. I mean, I tell people asked to FX in strengthen power, it's transformative if you like energy, and this was found and other studies to like one look at hand grip strangle so much great information. If you're just tuning in. We're talking with pharmacists and author Sherry tacos here. I'm your host Mark Larson on this handgrips study, the mentioned I understand there this involved what a twelve milligram dose and they saw ninety three percent boost enhanced strength and people who struggled with well at tennis elbow. Now. That's a big deal. But our listeners by. I be saying, okay. Maybe I don't play tennis. What about me? What does it mean for me? Right. Right. So so think about this a ninety three percent increase in a person who has some repetitive stress in their although it's an almost doubling enhance strength..

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