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Hundred. No surprise vegas plus eight fifty year. Okay with that. No i i am. I still like to see vegas have a center. Yeah are really what. I think that's That's this place. They stopped to one. Okay canadian fans. Nhl canadian team fans. Here you go. The toronto maple leafs are fourth on the list. I did i just. I don't know i just i. I don't see it because they haven't shown me yet right. They haven't i think they have more. I think they have more depth right to their roster but man they're hoping and crossing their fingers that one of those free agent guys can fit somewhat and phil zakheim and spot and and the obvious is the big boys have to deliver just plain just to give right so plus eleven hundred for the leaf so one hundred dollar bad again. Gets you a twelve hundred dollar return are you okay with the bruins and the top. Five plus sixteen hundred feels like things are slipping a little bit away from them. You know they two years ago. They lose it in or char They lose story cruch Now harass is out for who knows how long you can Can get enough goaltending without raskin. Halack linus ullmark from buffalo comes in as the as the number one guy i. I don't know that that feels a little high to me. Okay so you give this some thought. I want a couple of darkhorse teams all right. This the two thousand twenty two stanley cup winners. And as you think about that tied for the worst odds the arizona coyotes and the buffalo sabres both at plus thirty thousand to win the cup. So that's a thirty thousand. One hundred dollar return if you put a hundred dollars on either the sabers of the oats. I'd say both. Oh that's unbelievable return. It's a bad bet. So that's like taking brownie dollar. Bill's industry might be more interesting to see how many players on those teams. You can name the start. Yeah i mean yeah are completely turned over. Do you have a dark horse or two. I kinda think dallas is going to be a good team again They signed about twenty six guys. I mean like when they were going at free eight hala goalies too. so they're they've got good depth. I think they can score. Be interesting you know. I say there were darkhorse. Tyler sagan has des. Yeah has to be healthy. I think carolina can can be a dangerous team again. Okay it is shuffled through my papers and get the there we go Plus three thousand for the dallas.

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