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Go undefeated in April could show on. Tv ONLY GAME. They won a victory. Iraqis are taking control. I love it mark. Yes that's exactly right. Mark appreciates his always man hunting for stuff to talk about an appreciate your report. You're putting out for Sir all right you too. That's Mark Knutson. So yeah and I liked Terry. Frieden a mess with the guy. He's a good dude but he's tweet he's tweeting me he's like. Hey you guys posted a mellow picture on there. You're not suggesting he's the best doug of all time. It worked isn't it? Gets PEOPLE RALLIED UP? Listen I don't think mellows the best of all time but here's the here's the truth of it. I didn't watch Alex English and watch David Tops. I don't have that information other than stats. And how. They impacted their franchise. So why not find the archives of those games? I don't know how to get them as their DVD box set of the nuggets. Nineteen seventy nine eighty season is. Can you find that? I mean honestly I don't know I'm GONNA research that but they don't they they make DVD's usually it's like about a championship type team. Right like the Broncos you can go either super bowl run the year. They want to rule fifty. Can you can relive all that. Do they make every single season? And did they do it back then? I'm not so sure. So that's that's where I think it'd be awesome to play plus I mean even. Dvd's are great and everything and you wouldn't be able to find it. A lot of these like Netflix and stuff. So why wouldn't some of the Sports Al? It's that probably have the rights to those games. Go back and replay them ten minutes till top of the hour. We'll take a quick break getting some Some people that other than other than my guy Mr Fry. There's a lot of people say not even a top five nugget of all time. I break preps force in the.

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