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One thing you said that really jumped out to me about compared the last year. I know they get 31 points to Tampa Bay. You're not going to slow down and stop that offense with number 12 who I'm calling Benjamin Button right now because he's aging reverse and keep getting bad as that kind of quarterback is completely crazy. But they just look different on defense. Tony. They looked like they had a purpose. They are playing fast. They're forcing turnovers. I know there couldn't be any worse than last year. But how much of a higher ceiling? Do you look at the Cowboys defense this year based on last night? Well, I think that when you look at the personnel, obviously Randy Gregory is going to be back for the season. Um, I think that that's always been a question mark with the front seven in front floor. Micro Parsons. He's going to develop. He's going to understand what it's like to play in the National Football League and the one thing I really know this sense that the platoon a lot of different personnel, and I don't just don't understand. Yeah, that's great to get started off the season, but I think he has to have some stability when it comes to, uh, personnel. Um, but I think the expectations and we saw last night he's got to be able to get to quarterback, especially Tom Brady and And to me, that's really, really got to be a category that they've got to get better that the Barkus Lawrence of paint them tons of money to rush the passer. Uh, as I mentioned Randy Gregory Um, inside, They've got to be better against Iran. That's the thing about is like when they start getting into this run mold against somebody's players. Excuse me, this players and teams like the Giants that want to pound the ball, and these teams that really want to get into the physical aspect of it. That's when I got to become better. And you know, last night I think we just saw was just the fact of just the notion that we're just going to throw the football and and look to me, Freddy, but takeaways. I love watching that last night, but Weren't able to get to the quarterback enough to create. You know some, you know some timely areas by Tom Brady. But hell, who does that? Nobody. That's why explain he's really going to play two is 60 years old. Crazy you hold you world manhole wanted disguise, whatever he's on. Look, I mean, I agree. It is a center since some ways kind of sharing the wealth, but be sure that it just may not be the may not be fair to everyone else appeared to him, right. He needs to share the wealth with everything they do. It's got everything. I mean, he married a supermodel. He's 50 years old. He's winning every treatment delicacy. Yeah, I mean, he's got everybody wants. He's human, though, when he showed he got a little liquored up on the tequila, both fat, But that's another story it cure is undefeated. You know, there's one thing that's undefeated. It's the cure on the waters. Davey. So here's the question. Are they? Are they the favorites? Now? What do we think, guys? I mean, we were all watch this. And it goes to our head to do our expectations for the Cowboys Go up. Are they? Are they the division favorite now? Like if anybody had any question, I don't know. I think that I kind of give up on my expectations. I think it's I think, Look, no doubt about it. I just found out little Collins got suspended for five games. So those seems like they sound like, you know, Sidebar, some drama that happens with this team and So it's almost like, okay, we're going to take a step forward would take a step back and I'm thinking Come on, guys put this thing together, but I mean, when you look at the NFC East effected it. It's probably the most practical choice for the NFC East because of what they did last night and what they have potentially to do, But I think the jury's still out on the things that they need to get better, and that's on the defensive side of the ball. And you know what? Can they stay healthy? You know, the NSC's is one of those divisions that you just don't know. And I know some people have picking Daniel Jones and the Giants to win the division, so I think there's there's not really anybody that's gonna be theirs really jumped out there and said we're going to claim in us to use. I think we'll find out probably Hopefully, the first eight games of the season. Yeah, I could talk to you all day about football when it comes to Tony Castle, Yes. Retired NFL player called The Hall of Famer hosted Tony Casillas. Your podcast Freddie Fitzsimmons on ESPN Radio, But you're going to have one of your old coaches. Part of what you're going to be doing with a great event when it comes to Barry Switzer. For those who don't know about that. Tony explained that police Well, I have a podcast ready? You can you can subscribe to it on the YouTube show. I don't know if you've ever had a chance to sit down and talk to very Switzerland and the guy ages when it comes to memorization. 84 years young and still going strong. Not really had a tremendous candidate interview and one of the best I asked him. I said, Look, what is the best recruiting stores you got and And he has it's related to Billy Sims. I don't know if you've ever heard the story. But if you haven't you got to look, you've got to watch my show and listen to my show because he's so candid barriers on those dudes Just sit down and have a beer glass of wine. And he's so lovable, and I'm not just saying that for just because I played for him, and everyone says that about him, So it's really a tremendous interview. Um you know, it's a timeless uh yeah, just a jam, and I just can't say enough about the guys. Tremendous interview. This is tremendous person is a great friend to have so By all means. I hope everyone is able to follow the show and listen to it. And really, it's It's a tremendous, tremendous interview with one of the greatest of that's ever approached the game, so just check it out. I can't wait to check that out Part of the Tony Casillas show podcast having a chance to reunite with his old coach Barry Switzer. But we also talking anything with Tony Casillas. Like I mentioned Kathleen Hall of Famer former NFL defensive line for the Cowboys hit him on Twitter at TC Casillas joining us here on Freddie and Fitzsimmons with me, Freddie Coleman and join Renee. Hey, always appreciate you, Tony. Have a great weekend. Talk to you. God bless you, brother. Hey, I appreciate it, guys. Thanks for having me. Absolutely. Tony Casillas joining us here on Friday and Fitzsimmons hit us on Twitter. The doctor Pepper Twitter feed at Jordan. Granada's joins handle my handle that Coleman ESPN and, as you know, Tony can see is all American football played Oklahoma who are in the big 12. Well, that conference made their move, and it's not even the last one. That's next on ESPN radio. Houston Johnson..

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