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You know a Michigan Fan and this is this is this is. This is a blood rivalry. Okay and sometimes literally so with families and everything. Dan Dantonio key. He knew right he was he was there smiling right. He was smiling right. He was of course of course because we you could see the rivalry robbery. He founded he thought it was funny or he was laughing as as the players. Arm in arm won't March straight through your warm warm up right. Yeah but it's our. It's all right though. Well he he got he got he was looking for bad bad. It was so bad though. You know you see the judge they start wearing. What do you mean? You didn't see that New Jersey. No not yet. I haven't paid much attention. Okay you did they got these neon juries with across the front room and all the whoever made that design. I think they did that. The Start and it just last thing on this. Is it true. They told you that they'd already done. Their arms walked through that you could go out there. Earn warm up. Did they tell you that before the game they told you what when that that they did their their usual drill of walking arm in arm through I never I never seen seen them do that. My whole career. Not One time so that did 'cause they said they do it all the time. They say they do it every never never heard or seen of I never said. Where are you going to watch it Saturday or do you have? Do you have time to do it. What do you got a milwaukee? I I really Wanna I really WANNA head over there. Okay I got. I got some other things to do August next week and so but at some point you'll be watching this game correct. Oh I trump beat up. Yesterday's game can't very closely a lot. It's twitter so you do you tweet during the game so you do that sometimes. It's tough well this game. It's tough for me man. It's tough because I just get so pissed off from time to time but hey it's about right. It's a big game man. It's a big Game Michigan. State you you already you already. which is a so? Let it be Devon look I love strolling down this memory lane with you brother And congrats on the way things have started for you in Pittsburgh. It's been fun to watch and fun to see and let's stay in touch. Okay all right search appreciate you take care of yourself. Devon Devon Bush. steelers traded up ten spots for him. For a reason coming up. We can stay. I didn't get it in time but Justin Lane a steelers. I know I know. He's he's hasn't gotten too many snappy I snaps I now but he played. He went to Michigan State. Now I know and you know there's Zach gentry there too is you know I had my fun with I had my fund fund with him. You know where are you going to watch. Where am I going to watch the the game? Saturday you know what We gotta soccer situation. Got An I got. I got a soccer situation. Michigan State is Michigan Michigan State or playing on the sixteenth Saturday. The Saturday the sixteenth us. Not this week now. And then there's Indiana and then there's Ohio state. It's another by coming up there. We go all right. That's a big finish so this weekend. Yeah I've got a I've got a soccer game with coop. Crack Donman early MOCHA's LSU Alabama twelve thirty watts right. They pushed it off. Got Twelve thirty you know. Get that out of the way home and sit in and watch I can number one overall pick Joe Borough. I just get the juices flowing right now. I can. I say this with fully respectful of I know a lot of state people this this is just going to be so because remember what happened last year and all that business so delicious. I'm going to be so in MARIUCCI's face really it's GonNa be really because as you know I'm feeling it now I'm beginning to feel it and I felt it before we took care of del Tufo Fo's quote unquote favorite team shots. Fired Malays please Mr New Jersey the last few years to New Jersey one in one well unfortunately. Unfortunately you're GONNA have to sit on that one for the next fourteen years get bigger teams. that separate. We're GONNA take a break here on the program And comeback. There's a whole bunch of news updates. Who whose status are you? I'm Chris Jackson. Aj Green we talked about Alvin. Kamara Jacoby Brusett clay matthews. Patrick Mahomes Dwayne Haskins. That's just to name a few Amari Cooper. That's just to name a few Dez Bryant. There's a Lotta Dez. Bryant is in the mix. I heard about that. I heard that story okay. That's next on the rich Eisen show. Wow what a great time of year. It is football baseball playoffs hockey and soon the NBA. If you're looking to add some excitement to the game make betty aside dot com your betting partner new members get one hundred percent bonus match using Promo Code owed R. E. One. Oh one that's double.

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