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Hundred mistaken also. They banned from over there as a filipino. Be what advise. Would you give to aspiring basketball players. You know it always helps people internally you want to play this game you were hard at. You got to be air to go through the difficult times of failure to succeed and that don't in that means like if you don't get it right away dental mean you give up and update desk departed party. Be willing to give it your all until it show you. That is probably not but you got the lease willing to go through the grind in the hallway and in the coaching. To seem out rateable player. You could be deal. Have children that I mean because of course if you're a basketball player the first thing that people will tell you if you have and do you have You know do. They have any intention of following year. Your footsteps in sports where my daughter my daughter she don't on she just likes. He went for business band but she didn't wanna play no ball. They're my to my nephews. They actually do play. They play basketball right now. Pilots year stuff in our trained a lot of the young kids. And then also i have a lot of those kids in my basketball camp. Right now i see and do you have any message for your fans. Supporters and family. You know for me like all the people that have been there stuck. Be my whole life and career fans that follow me that i've met from venezuela Greece quarter rico philippines. All countries it. I played in a mess of great people. it's beautiful times in those countries up late in In on the distal justice support from fans that enjoyed and watch the ball me. Like i love him. thank you know for just you know as many people just you know love what i bring to the table and just to just win and enjoy doing. Enjoy what i'm doing. Okay so i mean. I know after taken a lot of your time. And they're very very happy that you gave me support portability to actually talked to you since you are considered as one of the best players i mean in. I mean in the history of basketball that have never played in the end in the nba. Yep you are. I mean the respect is there for you You know the people always remember you as one of the best players to have played the game now Thank you again. I know this wraps up the episode for this week. I want to say thank you. So much mr ronnie feel We are grateful for the time that you are shared to us. I wish you everything. Well that you do and i hope we can do this again soon. Anytime just reach out to me. I don't mind just let me go in our comeback on which you know jill levine's fans have any big lull time but you know i had a great time day. I really enjoyed it on us in our best hotel That's.

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