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Along with? L ATV low. I con I. Was GonNa say Legend Fred Rogin filling in for Chris. We saw it if you're just joining the program Chris and his wife celebrating twenty five years of marriage. It's their anniversary night. And Fred. I hope you're not going to be another. One of these guys who are GonNa fall for what's going on in baseball and tell me you're gonNA be chicken. Little that disguise fallen. Please don't tell me you think the sky's falling. Well I, think disguise falling. Figured that I know. Rob Baseball I love baseball, and it's very annoying me watching. What's going on the NBA? Got To figure it out. They're coming back. Hockey got it figured out. They're coming back. This is a time where this country needs. They're sports. They do not want to hear people complaining. About all right, how about one hundred and forty four games? No forty games no fifty games. Worrying about the money I understand it's very difficult very difficult in baseball, because of the contentious nature of the players, association the Union and the owners, but this is not what people want now. They want results. They don't care about the squabbling. Owners have painted the players into a very bad spot. I do. But. They don't want that rob. What they want now is their game. They want their baseball the NBA. The NFL they are more popular than baseball, which may be the best game of all, and I think they need to figure it out and get it together because nobody wants to hear this winding back and forth. It just negotiations. We've had twenty six years of labor, peace and baseball in unprecedented amount of time. And, in this case, here's where you missed the mark. The NFL, the NFL hasn't had to deal with because you're out of season. The NBA NHL their seasons, season's already underway. They already got their money. There was no debate about how much they were going to get paid. NBA players have played sixty five percent of sixty five games on eighty two. That's why there's no squabbling. They got paid their money. Not play they going to go to the play offs and they're not there. No salaries paid during the play offs. That's why Fred there's no debate or argument about it. Those players got paid. This is a totally different situation because you're season never got started. No, so they have to figure it out, Fred. They gotTA figure it out. Just can't pay them A. Whatever they were GONNA make. Look they sat down? They figured out at the beginning. We'll give you a pro rated amount fine. No now we don't have fans. We're going to change the game again, Robert. I'm saying to you. Is this and you're a member of the baseball? Writers of America, so you know the sport inside and out the back of your hand you a podcast about baseball and soccer. Right that being said no one cares right now. Do these people understand? The country is in the middle, not only of a pandemic but racial unrest. No one cares right now. What your problems are and I believe and I think you'll disagree. I think the I. Think the players got him. And, I think with the next collective bargaining agreement coming up this time for the players to draw a line in the sand, because those owners on those franchises, and there were billions of dollars that asset not only will will not appreciate. It will depreciate if there are no players to play. This is the moment right here as you would say and right now. This is the moment for the players to go no. No. Because I'll tell you. As all small business owners in America No. This has been terrible terrible for business. People have lost their homes. People have been forced to move out of their apartments. You, know you WANNA. Play this game. We'll play it right back. No, we're not playing. It's GonNa hurt. It's GonNa hurt the players. A bit I was GonNa say for. Don't think about don't forget if you're lucky bets and those guys who were hoping for four hundred million dollar contract. You could forget that for it. If there's no baseball, we go eighteen months without baseball. It'll permanently damage the game right. I couldn't even be mad at people who decides that? They don't want to be bothered anymore. I love the game you know Fred I go to the Games even when I'm. I'm not working I baseball, but there's no way that they are not going to play a season in come together. It's negotiations. They want to save face. The Union doesn't feel like it rolled over for owners and the owners want to hold on I. Get all that and we'll get into to more of that later on, but I do believe we will have baseball, because anything less will damage both sides and the game forever so I do not believe will not have baseball. Twenty twenty, and hopefully in July all right, it is the couple. On a worship Wednesday, Rob Parker and Fred Roggin for Chris Broussard right here.

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