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The main group of maoist former rebels and the opposition communist party people hope the new government will bring unity to the country and give a new impetus to the massive reconstruction program following a devastating earthquake in 2015 equitas former president rafael career who retired earlier this year and went to live abroad has returned home saying he had come to save his political movement from traitors is to korea was referring to supporters of his handpicked successor since taking office in may president let him moreno has distance himself from his mentor coating business leaders and exposing alleged corruption well news from the bbc honduras is holding elections today with a sitting president likely to win reelection for the first time in the country's modern history the winner will need to tackle problems such as high rates of poverty and a lack of foreign investment will grant reports the incumbent president juan orlando hernandez who's the front runner raft rule change in two thousand and fifteen allowed him to run again for office the latest polls put him some fifteen percentage points ahead of his nearest rival a former sports reporter called salvador nasa he leads a broad coalition of opposition groups called the opposition alliance against the dictatorship the other main candidates his luiz salaya a former university rector and a key figure in the liberal party or one hundred and twenty eight members of congress and almost three hundred maher's will also be elected in sunday his vote the united states has warned pakistan that bilateral ties will suffer if it fails to prosecute an islamist militant accused of masterminding the 2000 a date mumbai attacks of these say it has been under house arrest in the whole since january but this week a court ordered his release the white house spokeswoman accused pakistan of providing sanctuary to a terrorist reports from northeast nigeria say suspected islamist militants belonging to boko haram have seized control of an isolated town northwest of the regional capital my degree the reuters news agency say that people from the town of michael mary told them by telephone they had fled into a nearby forest a military source confirmed the attack an underwater robot from russia is joining the search for the missing argentine submarine which dissipated the south atlantic with forty four crew ten days ago the robot which can operate at depths of up to one thousand meters arrived on a.

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