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What these uptake Geico than the coochie optimal yet can hold on the community and we want them to you touched union. They're not take a CNN. I could talk about them. Through trauma such took in so I had a great time working on parasites so I want to work on films on the scale of parasite right and mother one in Korean and English the Korean project as kind of like a horror film of course. It's not as you know I'm working on it so the genres will all be mixed but if you had to choose genre it would be along the lines of poor and for the English project it began with a a news article I randomly came across on CNN A and two thousand sixteen It's a small realistic drama piece all right guys. It's that time of the show I get to introduce my panelists for the day J and vinnie welcome to the table. Thank you for having me. I'm very happy to be here. I don't know what's camera. I'm looking at I'm looking at the Y. When they're looking we haven't played that game even a while filming this could be back? This is my second movie talk. I thought I would do one and they'd be like wow that's that's why they don't let them talk. We've got some lighter topics today which is which is always nice for a change so let's get the first one yeah well all right well. I mean you know what I mean. Maybe some spends all right because I know but he like. He's worth it. He's worth it. I'm telling you that a kid just in case case I sneeze. You guys have all been warned all right topic number. One day that we're going to discuss. Are Those Star Wars quotes so we've got those two key questions. which are you know who who is ray and also how powerful is the four so I wanNA focus on the right question first? What do you think is going to be the key to defining her because there are so many things that could be in play in rise of Skywalker and I know it could be a number of answers to this question but if you could pick that one thing that is really going to put her into focus? Is it going to be you know finding out more batters past and her parents isn't going to be more about her relationship for the forest. Where do you guys betting on from for me? I'm betting on her past and parents because we have to excuse us in the last Jedi your parents were nobody feels like a throwaway. I feel like we need to discover that right because this way we know how she can next with everything instead of just saying here's a random player. The now has the force because we've been always introduce people that have some significance somehow now some way so I think we need to know that more than anything else. I'm GonNa Disagree Completely GonNa Save so the saying no no. I I feel like with the last Jedi I the thing it did so oh beautiful. It was set up this idea that the forces for everyone that's why we're not appeal. Don't focus enough on that last shot of the random kid who just like forces the broom to himself. I feel like that idea was really beautiful to me. The fact that you could just come from a family of junkers on a desert planet and rise to become this very powerful person and I feel like to be like just getting her. Her Dad is someone her mom is someone would would would take away the message of the last Jedi and and I I know that when people read this quote like here we go. We're going to learn about who raise parents are and I wouldn't be surprised if that was the case because that's that's Jj in a nutshell but I think to me. I don't know what I hope it is but I I hope that's not what isn't because that takes away. The power of what what Ryan Johnson did with Russia. I think I'm a little more in line with you. On this one Vinnie I have really taken to that idea that really anybody could use the force or anybody who has those abilities doesn't have to necessarily be tied to the Skywalker family family just saying tied in some way to everything together. Force can be for everyone but there has to be some semblance of who she is why again the Forces for everyone but we know the jar shows and things like that. Where does she fall in line with all of this where to her parents fault because again she was just on a junk planet? You know things like that. So it's like junk planet people can have the forest to descriptors. They're not just to the skywalker family but maybe to force wielding characters that we've seen in the franchise before I like opening up the door to new possibilities abilities and that is kind of what I think. Rise of skywalker is going to be about in general and I think you can do that with the character of Ray without backtracking on what they established with her family because I'm kinda hoping that they really stand their ground with that maybe surprise us with a new way to put that character into focus as far as how she fits into this whole picture and I think it's GonNa wind up being more so about her using what she's been taught by the legend Luke Skywalker and running with that I think it's going to be her taking the lessons. She's learned the thing she's experienced and her carving her own path to move forward because they're not they're going to wrap up the skywalker trilogy. We know that but they're going to wrap it up and land. I think in a new place all I know is no matter what happens we will see probably the last shot or next to last shot ray drinking unpasteurized pasteurize blue milk address rate from the street from the straight straight from it like she has to go forward like Luke did it so cannot they don't want to know it's not even terrified. It's almost conflicted because I don't want to see it but really weren't already one step away from it. I don't know why it should be what makes person like is that is what it should be. Let's loop in this conversation about the force as well because it could go hand in hand with Ray and I'm wondering what you guys are thinking in terms of how powerful the four should be and specifically how we're going to to explore. Do you think that we're gonNA see the limitations of the force in a new way because a spoiler for last jet I we saw the physical limitations that Luke experienced by I trying to project himself and clearly he wasn't able to quite handle it so we're going to see the limits tested in a similar way this time around. I think we'll see the forces. It's a stronger and people can pull more to remember you have people who can channel both the light and the dark side of it so when you learn how to use both together that's what we'll see like the limitations would that can do to somebody because if you are able to use both sides of the forest harness it and directed in one way how powerful is that and how much will that have an effect on someone. What is the question? I think that's Kinda ties into what the title the last Jedi Man. I think we're GONNA see. I don't know we're GONNA still limitations mutations but I think we're GONNA see a new kind of force that sort of something. We've never seen before that that is embodied in Ray because I feel like the title rise skywalker is really hinting at that the era of the jet I is over and we're gonna see something completely different that is somehow embodied in in and I think that ties into the fact that she isn't connected connected to anything it's this new type of Djeddai that might not have been called Jeddah anymore that we're going to be seeing in whatever comes after I'm definitely opening up myself to the idea of Kylo being redeemed but as far as testing the limits of the force go I think that maybe the wind up with the skywalker lineage could be him of all people testing the limits and going too far and succumbing to the power of the forces just random prediction that I came up with the right now on the spot but as far as ray goes I feel like she is going to learn by the example set before her and I I I still think that rise of Skywalker is going to be you know a movie about finding balance in the forest her coming to the understanding that it isn't just about dark versus light. It's about finding a balance between the two and that's where we're GONNA end up. We'll skywalk will become title. I that's what I that's me and a lot of other people leave. The skywalker itself will be title title of type of the type of judgments so like skywalker as in a new term instead of Jeddah or whenever I say the title I keep wanting to say rise of the Skywalker you which I feel like should is much better title but if you'd named it that it would be spoiler for exactly what you're saying so I think I think you're right. I I think I feel like skywalker is going to become a term for this new type of jet. I bet that emerges in this movie because remember the Lucas said the jet I orders dead. He's been doing that so what would a new term for skywalker just to throw this out there now considering everything we just discussed. How do you think that that a Palestinian pity fits into this all both in terms of rain who she's becoming and also with the limitations and the extent of the power and the force I think plan with her head a little bit trying to let her know you can actually again like he's done like he's manipulated would kylo everybody just manipulation throughout all? I think that's the best I feel like we're GONNA and get a an. I trust them to do it but I feel like we're going to get a sort of he was pulling the strings the entire time which could be a a little forced. I didn't even make it could be little I because I feel like you would see a hint of Emperor Powell teen doing that. If if that was always the plan seems like something that just came up with but I I do think his role is going to be as a as the as the puppet master of what's been happening since force a week so puppet master as he has been controlling smoke all along yeah exactly as it is actually a puppet. That's controlling in majority of this scenario. That's been hey apple strings on all of that like literally I was the puppet that has a marionette literally just sitting there I go to believe you bet happening It may be a little sad the other week to realize that when we were discussing Kevin feige coming in to develop his own star wars movie and Likud from the Mc you could we pull input into star awards and I said Andy Circus I mean he's already waiting. I still think Andy Circus in the flesh phenomenal it just like made me teeny bit sad that for a hot second I completely like did not associate with snow in that movie for like a hot just sliced in half unceremoniously just sitting down ceremoniously..

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