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Bonus i was gonna say the fake is not supposed to be free throws anymore but they are in the bonus second free throw for damian lillard and that one is good portland back in the lead by five sixty six to sixty one in here comes will barton barton has it up the right wing throws it all way what was he looking at exactly i was i was about to say the same thing what was he throwing the ball to fowler on one end and then a brutal turnover on the other end and here comes shabazz napier checked in during the time out napier has it on the high left side top of the key over to collins collins throws it back on the left side to napier napier trying to feed evan turner gary stewart to good job of defense here davis throws it back out on top to napier cuts against the grain jump shots on the way that won miss rebound down to mason plumlee nuggets steve another bucket here up the left wing israel barton barton crossover move stops leans in fake shot is good got his own rebound for some reason trying to go back up and he did and he got a voter got hit the face as well yeah the net is going to have to take a timeout with will is the other anti got poked in they don't you don't wanna foul here because they go to the free throw line zach college with a step back three that was no good rebound down to nicola yokich denver did a good job four their outlet pass over the wilson chandler luca der low plumlee it is great santa's right there by may probably good fans i wilson chandler knocking on the door they're down by a one sixty six to sixty five shabazz napier has it at the mid chord circle guarded by gary hairs gets pick from davis drives on your through the lane back out on top of college catching goal leans in whistle offense foul on sack you'll catch took the.

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