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You know if anyone wants to look Camp Lejeune Marine. Base and they. They have A. Camp Lejeune North Carolina Yeah Yeah. Gosh I've been there. I did a triathlon there. I did an internship at Duke University, and so I did like every triathlon I could find in North Carolina and that time the water remember competing Camp Lejeune I'm sure I must of women it well from like nineteen, sixty five to nineteen, eighty five. It was just absolutely terrible. They had thirty up to thirty five hundred times the normal safety. Contamination? Limits on just a whole list of different toxins, radioactive material, and so forth, and so my mother was. During that period of time, and then my first two years of life, and I've always been a little challenged a lot of asthma and allergies and. You know eventually I was in put in. Basically learning disability classes, and this was in Hawaii right, so she grew up in why, so we moved out to Hawaii seven. My Dad was a marine. and. And live there all the way through college, and so it was an awesome place to grow up, but it wasn't so awesome to be in special education classes there because they they loo-. They lumped everybody either your normal, or you're like in these basically retard classes. And and so it was, it was challenging in a lot of ways as my my self esteem, you know it was a very difficult time getting getting through that and then. But it gave me a lot of Dr. you've got a. we have a mutual friend in in common Dan POMPA. Dr To Dan Yorke show. Besides helping me with with detox. His products are amazing. He's just a wonderful person as well and he and I share a lot of similarities with Special Education Dyslexia, and so forth, and and you know the pain purpose is just really rings for me. Yeah, that that's his catch. Rice paid the purpose. It is yeah, and you know I think we're all given these challenges in life you know and it's like it's all about how you how you deal with it, and then you know if we grow from it and we learned from it, and then we can. Move that forward and help other people you know and there's been a lot of challenges that I've had that have allowed me to you know learn how to overcome them and then help lots of other people with those challenges as well. The lyman mold was something that developed later on. Yeah. So that was in like two, thousand, seven, two, thousand, eight I, just got really sick, and I had no idea what was wrong with me, and it was, it was a double challenge, because I was I, was already practicing I had a clinic, and that people coming in from all over, and you know supposed to be the guy that had all the answers, but I was just sick, and I was going to all these different doctors and nobody. Really knew what I got diagnosed with ankylosing spondylitis, because I had just severe joint pain. You know it was so bad that I remember sitting on a bench bench one time in watching somebody just walked by and it just like I didn't even know it was like to walk normally at that Taj so it was just so severe and and then I finally tested myself for lime, and I tested myself for a variety of viruses and my Epstein. Barr virus was. was just through the roof, and so I just had multiple infections, which is classic with people with line, because your immune system isn't functioning, so you just accumulate all these infections oh? Yeh, in who is something I've actually been setting up on recently because I've I've been shocked at the connection that the deeper into his rabbit hole. I go between AB sago virus, lime, mold, heavy metals and em ethics. Bolger like this whole issue. I don't know if you're electro hypersensitive. But those type of of co-infections. If that's what you want to call, them tend to be really aggravated by EMS exposures well well. You know there's some you know some ideas, the. Might make the violence a little bit more with the viruses. You know the EMF. There's different. Different things and with mole to same thing they've done. They've done some studies where they exposed mold to to emf exposure and they. They see that there's a much higher variance so. Yeah for people that are with health I. Think getting themselves out of you know Wifi and turning off your Wi fi router at night. I mean you've covered this and a lot of your pod. We've gone through that where staring at a dirty electronically filter right now the computer is plugged into and and that's. The whole thing is a topic for another day but I certainly think that you know specifically when you look at the voltage gated calcium channels on the cell and the steep influx of calcium that occurs and the impact that has on Mighty Qendra, overall cellular function. Then you pair that with an infection or heavy metal or lime or virus, and you're essentially debilitating the body's ability to be able to respond while at the same time weakening its defenses, so yeah, it's a it's an issue, but but we digress so you. You were sick with all these issues, but you also have this unique combination car, practic dock, and also a naturopathic physician. So, how did that all happen? Well originally. I graduated from chiropractic school and then started to you know. Get involved with functional neurology through the Carrick Institute and it's a very high level of. Doing specific types of adjustments and different neurological exercises in doing a lot of work with neuro plasticity. You know so a lot of patients that we treat with this technique were we're not doing as many adjustments as you would think you know it's. A lot of times people would come and watch these types of procedures and they wouldn't really recognize it as traditional chiropractic work. But when you're able to activate the brain and the very specific way. You can create some amazing changes. That can really balanced neurology.

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