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It back in the national level. Comb. Fires it for Grandma did center ice drops it off. Lord you seen across the lighting line. All right. Circles not blocked in front and turn act will barrel back in the right wing. You got checked, He did nudge it out to center. But Ford's burger quick counter for granted to the Lightning in Macau Granlund rate point. Is it by the lightning that a lot in turn act? Are there, but filled Forsberg comes up with it back in the left point. It's Tinordi. CenterPoint Benning shoots blocking down by Vasyl Lasky rebound in front for his work as a lot of skin he holds on Folks, This is a unbelievable saved. With that along the left leg. He has rebound comes to Forsberg. Forsberg skates right out in front. Looks like lightning is going to get a penalty, then turn back and Vice. He puts out that left leg and leaves it all the way across that goal line. And stops it from going It wasn't enough interference. National second power play chance over one so far in the game, right to the left of Vasa, Loski, Jo Hanson and Sara Lee. One by the Preds. You see, Takes it right point. You'll see CenterPoint a shot blocked in front by McDonough, but he couldn't quite settle it down. However, Forsberg was pressured by Cyril eavesdrop, asking out of his own quick regroup. Roman Yosi backpedals to his own end Now leaves it for Filip Forsberg. Er Ellis rather millio See looking for Jo Hanson Across blind. He got checked by Ruta and McDonough and the pockets grab Michael Oren all whistling down the length of the ice. 1 31 left on the power play for nothing lining of the second. Ryan Ellis glides towards center ice drops it off. Joe Hansen left wing Yosi. Skating well across the line in line. My cousin's.

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