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Like being in the hubbub of things. I mean, we would if we had an income early. We would have seen the teenage girl and her friends who had we g g we'd love you. Alan Alda and Julia got her on camera and she told us about her. She's always watch mashed with their family, and she goes Hawkeye forever. And I just wanted him to know he is young fans who really appreciate because he gets the lifetime achievement award. And he we heard you know, he he. A couple of years ago announced that he has Parkinson's and Tom Hanks presented him lasted the segue words, which if you're gonna watch award show. This is the best one it's quick. It's two hours. You hear the people nominated? They get their word, and that's it. It's just really fun. It's a fun. It's a get fatigued by the Oscars because of everything that this would to me it would be like the show if I were. I would just be having red carpet shows, right and left. I mean because you've got it's all TV and movie people. I don't know. I don't know. But anyway, Allen wasn't feeling well enough to come back to the pressroom that we didn't get a chance to the only other. We'd never we didn't meet Debbie Reynolds either because she was not doing. So we did backstage we were right with Debbie Reynolds. And her daughter Carrie Fisher, we just sat alone. Yeah. When like when Romney Malik came back and the way they have the pressroom laid out with the photography Bank. They're all yelling. And then they have all the indivi- like entertainment tonight access Hollywood, and blah, blah. There's just this narrow little shoe where people are coming in. Well, the bigger the cast the bigger the star, the bigger the entourage. That's with him Publicis, whoever might have been sitting in Rami was towards the end. Did you pick him, by the way Donnie winner? Anyway, he comes in. And and and I just we had Julian I'd gone down worth room. We were like I wanted to go to undergo so terrible. And I'm like. And I'm like, I don't care, but I cared out. And we see him. Enjoy is like that's his mom. And then we see how are you? You preferred yourself as I'm sorry. Well anyway in sorry. I was just like all right fine. Let's go back in there. We sat. In the second row. And we're sitting loose sitting next was Ma all right, and you speak tour at the end, and it was so cool because Romney Malik told the. It was Jeannie wolf as she said as I'd like to hear more about your early days in Hollywood being a pizza delivery guy. And so he told the story you want me to play it. Yeah. I do Danny. We're going to try to my phone. Okay. Okay. Ready set? Go, okay. Oh, that's isn't that good. Also, what he.

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