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This past week Joey. Mercury was let go by ring of honor He's with the company since two thousand eighteen and he's been overseeing seen the company's training Dojo also read about that today. What'd you got Mercury went off on twitter. Early this morning On the behind. The scenes troubles within Reinvest He addressed Rian voter and I quote unless he has an unsafe environment for talent in and out of the the ring no security no medical staff no woman on creative worst looking wrestling on or off. TV No job description. Nothing in terms of anything. I've suggested total breach on your end and everyone involved that bullshit non punctuation using grammatical pig. Fuck of contract Joy Rhino Joey. Mercury also revealed viewed that. Shane Taylor will not be resigned. January first but Taylor and his family have not have not been informed on the decision. Oh sure he also stated via being hypothetical at the contracts Taylor and Bandido expire January first while. PJ blacks expires on February. I is damn among other tweet. Merchants of bitter motherfucker among other sounds like me is among other tweets. Mercury shows messages of Gilo Gilliland. I Dunno accusing him of being high at shows not providing fighting proper care for Flip Gordon following dislocated elbow or Jay lethal when he broke his arm. Also Mercury says go wasn't even at the site. He also mentioned the fan incident involving billionaires array. He also says that This is lesson. He said he said that Ring Var do not implement a proper concussion protocol after Kelly Klein's brain injury at a recent event event. That's sour grapes. Wine out of that solid grapes. The ryen just bitter you think he has some truth to that. Of course this truth to is a dying competitors shoot shoot. Sorry there but that's it is just venomous man. Wow Joey Joey Joey Mercury I I am. And although we can't count on the show I would love to I and after that An update although all mainly all the main town ring of honor tweeted in support of Mercury saying that. He's he's writing. He's in trouble. But he has a point national I'm looking forward to kind of happy that he finds that someone opened awesome Sherwin Williams because they're not bad. Dad that is Usually I'll be like you know you say that you know you get fired from a job or you get released from a job or you quit. Whoa you know you should just like shut the fuck up walkaway? But what State of what ring of honor is right now. Maybe that's a kind of thing that needs needs to be done a needs to be sad because you know what I'm sorry ring of Oz by the B- bye bye. Let's just there was an attack that has an impact is about to come up. Yeah they are about to have come. Come up so Wow you know what you just made. The last multiple next superstars have come out and and state. They are not happy with their pay for an extent. Expect more money when it comes to the now the new the new annex. USA deal and many Russell and it's and the rumor is that Many talent out of their contracts due to the fact that they have not gotten said. Raise Do you think that these superstars should be happy for the the promotion for the company or do they really do have a right to complain about their pay. I honestly believe that When it comes to annex t they don't they don't have to do with the main roster does they don't pay for travel? They don't have the same travel schedule. They that's true. The only thing that I do have a a issue with is that they have the network deal so they should have a bump in pay. They that I can say is true. You deserve it when the network you'll have it when you say what what the USA network did you have a bump in pay But that's something that that you don't see now that's something to wear. Were what what he let me. Refrain this okay because I I just quote unquote. I am not a network guy. I don't work in that industry but I'm just going to tell you for what I know because because that's my disclaimer idiots because all you fucking is to you know everything about fucking network should What he signed a deal? That's the executives of sad deal that that they have to monitor the ratings things are fucking all promotion occurs for decades may be And of course individual contracts they have with certain wrestlers wrestlers are they have prior to said deal when it comes to network at the end of the day. Because you know why because I go to school for this because I know this I went to school school. I'm so proud of you. I went to college and learned this at the end of the day. You give it about a year and then set. Talent could have a a debate or argument about their their salaries. Right right because that's that's what they do Right now and it see is still rocking on the NFC. He deal that they got from the WB network deal. So do you gotTa Rockford for like another year. It's not gonNA it's not GonNa Change in his day progress exactly because the higher up's still have to work on the DISC- Matic's of getting money for your so you'll be okay. Don't worry about it. I mean I understand why I thought they should be more. I should be grateful for the fact that they're even on USA before anything. I so you want to get it. I understand that to get that marketing on TV. Yeah I get it but at the end of the day is still think to wear like look honestly you you you get it you and plus what your schedule Dana. You don't pay for travel like you. You're still being pampered. So you good. And it's like what seventy five seventy five thousand two hundred twenty thousand for wrestler's you still doing good man. You won't let me tell you. The only rustling seemed like they dropped the ball this week with a quote unquote huge announcement A W eight w social media page aged teased a huge announcement for the past weeks Having guesses as we'RE NOT GONNA WE'RE NOT GONNA have we It's not action figures. We're not moving on Monday nights year. Those kind of Hanson. Everyone everyone in the universe goes. Wow this must be big blue literally throwing so many hints out there. That people throw his groundbreaking. Just find out. They announced a New Year's Day. Show in Jacksonville. The whole the whole entire community was pissed. Everyone is disappointed. And then Tony. Kahn goes on Social Media and goes Jeff. He tweeted to all Russell Russell page and he went to the peace. The person's name himself he was. Jeff let's do our best not toil people's emotions like this. We have people who aren't near the Florida market all excited now. Now we have to come up with another huge announcement one that affects our offense everywhere to make it up to them. So that's what we'll do do do you think that would these announcements that Like aws really dropping the fucking ball show please you know. Where do we could do a cutting a promo about really? I really do this. Know about E W in general. We could do fuck Amelia. We do a lot always Nah. Nah Hey actually we really. Don't we really fucking nicer them. I don't know Oh. `Bout no no you have been here. I've been real pleasant to them. You sell like the eight. W Anti W now obviously was that a big boom on their port hype for a fuck in show. Because everyone's pissed it was trending. People were pissed who was pissed. Everyone Vance. Yeah good for you twenty Connie tweet. He's good good for you. Good for you because you know what you fucking Dick Suckers out there who keep fucking blowing beef on fucking all wrestling. That's good for you. That's that's good. That's what you serve at. The end of the eighties was a media. Fuck no one cares. I'm doing it's the same thing with the W we issues. They'll go. Oh promise me Blah Blah Blah and fuck them same shit whatever next sorry. Let me tried to data perfect..

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