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Enjoy this holiday presentation of dear father dear son and have a happy thanksgiving larry ld here and we continue my story about beer he had fun she lies eight hours my last growth about my relationship with my father now i mention that my dad joined the marines what i have not yet talked about is the fact that he was a bond furred point marine ammo in t for d montfort point marine they were the first black marines over twenty thousand of them to nineteen 42 nineteen forty seven uh and a few years ago congress granted these montfort point marines a congressional gold now the highest civilian honor the congress could gift my dad was too weak to attend the ceremony and after my dad died a chief of staff of congressman dana rohrabacher whose name is kathleen staunton uh suggested that she could arrange to have an award ceremony posthumously for my dad and she worked tirelessly to set it up uh and that the camp hamilton my dad was awarded a congressional gold medal posthumously by colonel jason bohm congressman rohrabacher spoke and then congressman and then a lieutenant colonel jason bohm spoke and here is what happen please do not fit regiment color jason bull congressman robot air general.

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