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Because it's time because I can and because there's nothing quite like leaving town. Get one off the bucket list with a trip away and start at south bend international airport. It's a big world out there. And it's time you see what it has daily flights and worldwide connections. There's no place you can't get to from south bend international airport time, you saw something new can take a vacation and take it easy south bend in national airport. Fly SBN dot com. You're listening to Notre Dame basketball on the Notre Dame radio network. Brady Matic's been huge for Oklahoma's game. He's got seventeen points to lead them. He's five for five from three coming into the game. He was Twenty-eight percent. Eight hundred thirty one sometimes guys step up and do things they don't normally do, and they just beach it. Well, the thing is he has a great stroke. He's got one of the best looking strokes. I've seen so far this season. Just hasn't been phone for him. I think we both watched that game against Dayton down in the battle for Atlanta. Just couldn't find the bucket was a little bit long on a lot of those shots. And tonight not having that problem. Maybe it's the colder weather has got him. You know in a better zone, or whatever it is. But I think the pressure when you lose your center, and you're playing a different style. It's like, well, we're we're in trouble when I don't have to make these I'm not expecting house money start making exactly I think it made a difference. They do love their dance can here at Madison Square Garden. All right. The Irish back on the floor trailing by four. Shatskikh Pflueger kids, Durham and hub. Seventy one sixty seven Notre Dame trailing by Ford. Oklahoma six fifty remaining second half time in the garden since two thousand thirteen when they played five times in the county year manic offer screen on the inbound misses the three for the first time that I think at the rim. I right back. He misses again headline news breaking news. He misses to and arouse good sign for us. Because either one of those would have been really hurtful for the Irish caused Pflueger Natalie. Shatskikh laszewski up to hub up now on. Gives between the circles Gibbs Natalie Eski that had to be a problem. He gets the ball back. Not a hub on the baseline gets it on out to Pflueger in the corner pub for threes on the side of the backboard, and it stays in play into the hands of miles Reynolds. Now, it's the Callixte Callixte top of the key left side of the lane. It's an out to opens with Gibbs on him Odem backing Gibson shovels at up top bears Freeman for deep three. That's good. That was three feet beyond the NBA. That's a that's tough bucket right there. And the Oklahoma's doing things they don't normally do seventy.

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